How to recover damaged music CDs

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Over time, scratches and dirt can damage optical media and make them unreadable. If you have a damaged music cd and are trying to recover it but with poor results, read on and I'll explain how to recover damaged music CDs.

To recover damaged music CDs or damaged video files, you can make use of the Get My Videos Back program downloadable from This Page

After downloading and installing it, unzip the compressed archive into a folder on your PC and double-click on the file GMVB.exe. You won't have to install anything but just run the executable.

recover the damaged music CD, insert it in the PC reader and from the program click on Open and Start.

Select the audio or video file that you cannot read and click on apri. Then specify the folder where you want to extract it and click on Save.

All you have to do is wait patiently for the file to be recovered.

With Get My Videos Back you will be able to recover MP3, MP2, M2A, WMA, MKV, AVI, MPEG, MPG, M2V and WMV files.

Going in File/Settings you can specify how the program should perform the recovery.

With the option Keep File Size, the final file will be the same size as the original, while with Skip errors it will be cut by skipping errors.

Another solution that I want to offer you is CD Recovery Toolbox. Click on the link download for free and start the installation by clicking on the file CDRecoveryToolboxFreeSetup.exe.

When the installation is complete, enter the Damaged music CD / DVD to recover in the PC player and wait for it to be recognized by the software CD Recovery Toolbox. Click on Next and then on the icon indicating a folder to choose where to save the disk files. 


Do it again Next and put the check mark next to the file to recover and click again on Save.

Wait for the damaged music CD recovery procedure and good luck.

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