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Agents, get ready to 100% complete your mission.

The highly anticipated MMO RPG Open World from Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment has finally arrived: after numerous postponements that led to it being launched 3 years after its official announcement, The Division is ready to be fleshed out by all PS4, XBOX One and PC gamers. And if you are not one of those who simply finish the game, in this guide we will help you to get all the trophies / achievements to prove that you are a real agent. If, on the other hand, you are looking for advice on how to play, we refer you to this little strategy guide The Division, an essential strategy guide.

What kind of game is it? Review link: HERE.

Where do I start?

The Division is certainly a very large title that takes a long time to complete, especially if you love to explore and search for loot on the streets of Manhattan. To get all the objectives without concentrating totally on them and "deprive yourself" of the real game experience, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Complete all story and side missions on Normal difficulty, complete battles and collect collectibles: the quickest way to level up and unlock various achievements while enjoying the game is, of course, to tackle all the main and secondary missions on Normal difficulty first. To get a lot of additional experience, we also recommend researching the 293 collectibles, but don't worry: purchasing the Dog Unit in the security department will unlock the “Intel Discovery” perk. This ability will reveal all collectible locations on the map after completing side missions and battles.
  2. Complete all missions on Hard difficulty and accomplish the cooperative objectives: after reaching the maximum level, which is 30, you must complete all the main missions on Hard difficulty to get the “Fearless” achievement. We recommend teaming up with other friends or players to make it less complicated, and you'll also easily get the “Networking” achievement, which requires you to complete 20 squad missions. Obviously, keep an eye on the other objectives related to the cooperative so as to unlock them quickly.
  3. Dedicate yourself to the objectives of the Dark Zone and the search for the rarest weapons: at this point, you should have more than good equipment to survive in the Dark Zone, so you can get busy with the objectives related to it. On top of that, to get the “Party Dress Up” objective you need to equip an elite or high-end item in each slot: in the Dark Zone you can open chests that have a good chance of containing similar weapons, or you can buy them by spending ZN credits.
  4. Complete a mission in Challenge mode: we recommend leaving the “Veteran” objective for last, as it requires you to complete a mission in Challenge mode. Make sure you have great equipment and possibly a group of 4 players to make it easier.

By itself, getting 100% of the objectives is not difficult, but it takes a long time especially to collect all the collectibles. Below you will find the link to the videos with their exact location for each neighborhood:

Chelsea - All collectibles

Pennsylvania Plaza - All collectibles

Hudson Yards - All collectibles

Garment District - All collectibles

Tenderloin - All collectibles

Hell's Kitchen - All collectibles

Times Square - All collectibles

Clinton - All collectibles

Flatiron District - All collectibles

Gramercy - All collectibles

Stuyvesant - All collectibles

Kips Bay - All collectibles

Murray Hill - All collectibles

Turtle Bay - All collectibles

Midtown East - All collectibles


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- 5 

- 3

- 1 

 Platinum agent

Unlock all Tom Clancy's The Division ™ trophies.


Get to Manhattan.


Get hold of the original virus strain.

 I hate the heat!

Eliminate the leader of the Purifiers and escape the napalm factory.

 Crime and Punishment

Eliminate the leader of the Rikers and her bodyguards at the Event Center on Lexington.

 I am thrilled

Conquer the power plant.

 Fly to the wall

Reset the JTF repeater.

 The last man

Eliminate the leader of the Last Battalion and his men in the UN building.

 Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

Retrieve Tschernenko's research data from the Russian consulate.

 What needs to be done

Retrieve Charles Bliss' propaganda tape.

 Final act

Find out what happened to Gordon Amherst and Aaron Keener.

At the level

Reach level 30 with an agent.


Discover ALL the retreats in Manhattan.


Complete all missions at level 30 (Hard).


Complete a mission in Challenge mode.

Challenge mode is the highest difficulty in The Division and unlocks upon reaching level 30. All enemies will be at level 32 as well as being elite, therefore very powerful and very resistant. We highly recommend teaming up with 3 other friends and having elite or high-end items in each slot to achieve this "a little easier" achievement. The simplest mission to do to attempt this feat is "Lincoln tunnel checkpoint", especially as there are no enemies with rifles or flamethrowers and this will make your life easier. If you need a video demonstration, click on the following link: The Division - “Veteran” objective.

Like one man

Start and complete a level 30 co-op mission without anyone going down or dying.

 Shadows of the past

Activate 63 ECHO scenes.

The ECHO scenes are scattered throughout the map and, by activating them, they reconstruct some events that took place before the epidemic completely devastated the city. Also in this case, their finding comes by itself, since just pay a little attention and notice if they appear on the map.

 Drone license

Extract 16 aerial photos from crashed drones.

Drones are marked on the map and are usually "hung" from different buildings by means of a parachute. Just shoot and then collect them to get the photos.

 Survival expert

Retrieve 24 pages of the Survival Manual.

Survival manuals are marked on the map with a book icon and are shown when you are nearby, so just head to their location and pick them up.

 Diary of an agent

Extract 130 phone records from phones found in Manhattan.

Phone records are marked on the map by icons shown on a smartphone and are scattered everywhere, so check all the alleys as well.

 The seeker

Recover the profiles of 20 missing First Wave Agents.

When you find the clue to an agent's profile on the streets of Manhattan, you need to activate it and follow the directions until you get his ID card. In any case, if you are in the vicinity of the clue it will be shown on the map and on the game interface.


Extract 40 audio incident reports from JTF laptops.

Again, the reports are marked on the map when you are nearby. To simplify things with the collectibles, however, follow the advice we gave at the beginning of the guide, that is to unlock the dog unit.

 Fixed point

Return to Faye Lau at the base of operations.

 The engineer

Save Paul Rhodes.

 The doctor

Save Dr. Jessica Kandel.

 The captain

Save Captain Roy Benitez.

 State of the art

Fully upgrade the base of operations.


Assign 10 different skill mods.

 Lethal skill

Kill 50 enemies with skills.

 The philanthropist

Purchase the Dog Unit and Pediatric Therapy upgrades for the Base of Operations.

 You are special

Activate a special ability 100 times.

 Natural talent

Get a kill while you have an active talent.

 Minus one! Two more!

Fully upgrade a department of the base of operations.

 Restoration work

Fully upgrade two departments of the base of operations.

 Party dress

Equip one elite or high-end item in each equipment slot.

Elite equipment is recognizable by the purple background, while the high-end equipment is yellow. To get the achievement, you must have at least one purple item for each available slot.

 Excellent dexterity

Craft 10 items.

 Master craftsman

Create a high-end item.

To achieve this, all you need to do is make a high-end material and not necessarily a weapon or piece of equipment. All you will need are 5 blue colored materials of each type, then head to the appropriate desk in the base of operations and press "Convert". The fastest way to recover materials is to dismantle your equipment rather than sell it.

 Not very constructive criticism

Dismantle 100 items.

 Group wanted

Create or join a group.


Revive a teammate 20 times in co-op.

 I think of you

Heal or grant allies a bonus 100 times while in a party.


Complete 20 missions while in a party.

 Do you want to close it?!?

Close a car door while behind cover.

Perhaps the goal is not described in a very precise way, but to get it just take cover behind a car that has an open door and simply close it by moving towards it.

 Raid on the arsenal

Kill 1 enemy with each of the 6 weapon classes.

 It was worth the wait

Extract a tainted item from the Dark Zone.

 Mass extraction

Extract an item from each of the 8 extraction zones.

 Great booty!

Extract an elite or high-end item from the Dark Zone.

 Head hunter

Kill a major enemy in the Dark Zone.

Important enemies are those with a real name above the health bar, and are generally stronger and more resilient to kill. To make things easier for you, group with someone in the Dark Zone to support each other and avoid dying.

 You're on the list ...

Kill 10 major enemies in the Dark Zone.

 For justice!

Kill a player with Traitor status.

Players with Traitor status in the Dark Zone are represented by a red skull both on the map (if you are nearby) and next to their name. This means he killed non-hostile agents probably to steal their belongings. Don't underestimate him even if you are in a group and try to trick him to get out alive.

 The law is ME!

Kill 20 traitorous agents.


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