Call of Duty: Mobile - Game Cheats Guide

Call of Duty: Mobile - Game Cheats Guide

What hacks are there?

Like all multiplayer games, there are several tricks and hacks also in Call of Duty Mobile that players can use to gain an "unfair" advantage. Of course, using them is tantamount to cheating.

This it is not a tutorial. The goal is to take an "educational" look at what hacks are present in Call of Duty Mobile and how they work. Obviously we do not encourage players to hack, not to mention that using cheats could risk the ban of the entire account.

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It is one of the most popular hacks in online fps games, because essentially allows players to get kills without doing anything. A crosshair automatically tracks enemies and shoots whenever they are in sight which means that it is next to impossible to kill someone who is using this trick as they will always know where we are.



It is often paired with Aimbotting and allows enemies to be seen through walls. It will also show additional player information such as how much health they have. The peculiarity of Wallhacks is that it is more difficult to detect than Aimbotting, which makes it a more discreet and much more popular choice for those looking for a smaller advantage.


The radar hack in COD Mobile pretty much does what the name implies: it hacks the radar / mini map so that the positions of the players are always visible. It is a less consistent trick than the others but still offers a huge advantage to those who use it.

That said, if you find someone using one of these hacks in COD mobile be sure to report them to maintain a fair playing field for all.

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