How to recover a wet iPhone

Did your iPhone fall into the water and got wet? Did you slip while taking a shower or even worse did you fall into the toilet? Are you desperate and don't know what to do? Calm. Recover a wet iPhone it is not an easy task but this does not mean that if your iOS device came into contact with liquids there would be nothing more to do, indeed the type of contact with water and the speed with which you managed to catch it are elements essential to determine the effective recovery.

Read on to find out how to recover a wet iPhone.

Let's start by saying that if a little liquid enters an iPhone, especially in openings such as the headphone jack, the Lightning port or the speaker grids, one of the diving sensors inside the device could activate. When these sensors are activated they definitively take on a pink color and if you take the device to the Genius Bar one of the first checks will be to check these indicators, first of all the one placed inside the headphone jack.

If any of these sensors are activated, warranty repair will not be offered to you. So avoiding contact with liquids is the best thing you could do. If not, if your device has come into contact with liquids, such as splashes of light drinks (e.g. coffee), or quick immersions in bathtubs, your speed in recovering it to place it on its side and dry it quickly, could prevent water from entering the Apple mobile device.

If, on the other hand, you weren't so lucky and the device is drenched in water, it will probably shut down by itself. In this case, do not try to turn it back on or recharge it. If the device is not turned off immediately turn it off by pressing and holding the Sleep button at the top. Now that it is off you will need to dry it well.

The best way to recover a wet iPhone after drying it, you use the Silca gel (silica gel); those absorbent grains that are usually found inside the boxes of electronic products and that can be purchased in DIY stores. The bag in which it is sold is created to allow moisture to permeate, so do not extract the grains from the bag itself.

Put a lot of pouches around your device and leave it there for a few days (the more time left, the better).

A more commonly used alternative for recover a wet iPhone, and the uncooked rice. Dip the iPhone directly into the rice, paying attention to the entry of the grains inside the doors.

Again let it rest for at least three or four days.

Once you've given your device a chance to dry thoroughly, press and hold the Sleep button to turn the iPhone back on. If it does not light up, all you have to do is take it to the Genius Bar. The immersion sensors are not foolproof and it is not certain that traces of liquid or corrosion can be detected. Alternatively, you can contact an independent repairer.

In the worst case, if your iPhone turns on but some components are damaged, you can try to work around the problem. For example you can try to enable Settings> General> Accessibility> Assistive Touch to have a round button permanently present on the screen to be used for those operations that require pressing the Home button or the Sleep button. 

If you have damaged the headphone jack instead, an alternative could be to use Bluetooth or AirPlay speakers.

Good luck.

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