How to make the most of your router's Wi-Fi network

Each router if configured correctly allows us to have Wi-Fi broadcasts significantly enhanced. If we use the wrong values, we risk drastically reducing the range of the network, as well as its performance.

The Wi-Fi network always travels on certain frequencies using a number of channels variable ranging from 1 to 13. Routers are often configured to use i channels 1, 6 or 11, so that if we have wireless networks in our vicinity that use the same settings, we could suffer interference.

It is therefore necessary to check whether to change channel and set the best Wi-Fi transmission options.

To change channel

To find out if there are routers in the vicinity that use the same channel we need to connect to Metageek and click on the button Download to download inSSIDer Home, a free software that can detect nearby Wi-Fi networks. Let's take the free version for Windows Vista, 7 and 8. Then select the item inSSIDer Home.

After launching the setup, we are immediately on the main screen. We click on Networks and we will immediately notice, in the screen that will appear, all the Wi-Fi networks that the router can detect and which are shown in the center. The column Channel will allow us to see what other Wi-Fi is broadcasting on the same channel as ours. In the event that we notice the presence of a Wi-Fi network on our same channel, all we have to do is change the channel by going to the router configuration.

Let's set the best Wi-Fi transmission options

We open our browser, we type theIP address of the router and press Submit. We enter the login credentials and access the configuration panel.

The panel interface changes according to the make and model of the router, so the items we select may be different. We identify the function wireless to access the subsections.

In our case we choose the function wireless Settings and immediately after we click on fashion to make sure the broadcast is on bgn mixed. This means that the signal can take advantage of all kinds of standards, the latest and most powerful of which is 802.11n.

We have seen how a Wi-Fi network could annoy ours. So let's set, in case this is happening, a different channel from the menu Channel. Number 11 might be fine.

Finally, if we have a voice like Channel Width, let's make it set to Car, so that the router automatically manages the width of the selected channel.

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