Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: 5 tricks to become unbeatable

Power of the Bandicoots!

Finally Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled has arrived and promises to offer us many hours of fun alone and in company, but if after a few resounding blows you intend to park the kart forever, don't do it, follow our advice and we promise you will dominate. all the tracks leaving only the dust to your opponents.

1. Depart to Rocket

Those who get off to a good start are at the halfway point and to start a race on the right foot, they could lead you to victory. How to do? It is quite simple, just start accelerating (X / A button) a few seconds before the green, to reach the necessary level for the turbo, check the exhaust of your kart, if the smoke is black you will have a slight increase in horsepower at the start.

2. How to become DK (not Donkey Kong!)

If you want to become a true champion in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, you will have to learn the subtle art of drifting, which is a prerequisite to cross the finish line first.

To activate the drift, just press the back buttons (R1 for PS4 or RB for Xbox One) and move left or right according to the curve. If you move sideways during the drift you will be able to load an indicator in the lower right, mind you you will not have to fill it 100%. Once dark smoke comes out of your kart, you can use the turbo by pressing L1 or LB.

You can use this boost up to 3 times per drift.

Once you have mastered this art, no one will be able to hinder you and you will become a real Drift King.

3. Wumpa at will

If you are new to it you will have noticed that in addition to the crates to arm yourself, there are the typical Wumpa crates, take the latter or collect them individually. The particular fruit typical of the saga will be able both to enhance the effect of the weapons you will use, and the performance of the kart itself.

4. Study the path

Even knowing the tracks in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is a winning card, in fact they are not all linear, many are simple deviations, others will require a series of perfect jumps or particularly tight curves. By memorizing these shortcuts you will be able to significantly reduce the times on the track, plus knowing them will be useful in hunting relics.

5. Money doesn't make you rich if you don't know how to spend it

At the end of each race you will be rewarded with gold coins, which can be spent in the Pit-Stop section of the main menu. If you take the adventure in single-player you will find that the game is not particularly generous with you. In case you decide to do some online matches, you will be amply rewarded, in some cases you will even be able to get 350 coins per game.

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