Best PC Power Supply 2022: Buying Guide

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Best PC power supply. A buying guide to guide you in choosing the PSU (Power Supply Unit) model or power supply that best suits your needs.

Choosing a PC power supply is the first thing to do before starting to build a new PC. Power supplies aren't as exciting as the best video card, but every PC component in your rig will depend on your power supply. You can't compromise on buying the best PC power supply, even if it means having less money for one of the best processors.

However, find the best PC power supply it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Even if you're looking to save some money, you can find plenty of deals on many of the best power supplies. There are high-end PSUs too, however, swinging all the RGB lighting you'd expect and enough power capacity to power a small village - or one of the best gaming PCs with two RTX 2080 Tis in SLI. Regardless of what you are looking for, you will find the best power supply for your build right here.

Best PC power supply

In this article we have evaluated the best gaming PSUs and fixed PC power supplies taking into account that often the power supply is an underestimated component. However, without a power supply it is not possible to run the computer. Also the best power supply is important because its quality will determine which other components to put into a computer to assemble.

If you choose a low-end PSU you won't be able to plug in a high-end video card. You will need to make sure you choose a power supply by considering its wattage. There are, in fact, four different categories of power supplies:

  • Over 1000wThese are more suitable power supplies for enthusiasts who want to create extreme configurations, so if you're not looking to run 3- or 4-way SLI / CrossFire and overclock your CPU and graphics card to record levels, there's really no need of such a large power supply.
  • Between 800w and 1000w: Unless you're planning on running multiple video card setups and getting into extreme system tuning, there's really no need for that much power. If, however, you want to run a 2-way SLI / CrossFire setup with two high-end video cards, then a solid 850W power supply will do.
  • Tra i 600w-800w: is the high end for single video card configurations and the low end for 2-way SLI / CrossFire configurations. A quality 700W-750W power supply will allow you to run two moderate video cards in SLI / CrossFire configuration. You'll also get some leeway for system optimization if you're building a single, high-end video card.
  • Tra i 400w-600w: This range of power supplies is the most practical for most gamers. If you're building a budget system, a 450W power supply will be more than enough. Even if you're using a powerful video card like the RX 580 or GTX 1070, a 550W drive will do its job well.

Now that you have an idea of ​​the features of the best PC power supplies you can take a look at the selection chosen for you. Enjoy the reading!

1. Corsair RM750x

The best power supply of the moment.

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 750 W. | Efficiency class: 80 Plus Gold | Modularity: complete | Warranty: 10 years.


  • Zero-RPM fan mode
  • Modular Cables


  • 750W maximum capacity, too small for gamers

Corsair RM750x marks the top spot on this list for one simple reason: it's the most complete power supply you can buy today. In addition to a 10-year warranty and 80 Gold Plus efficiency level, Corsair has a fully modular cable system. This means you only need to install the cables you need - you can say goodbye to the chaos of cables and the poor airflow that non-modular PSUs endure.

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2. EVGA 500 B1

Best economical power supply.

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 500 W. | Class of efficiency: 80 Plus Bronze | Modularity: none | Warranty: 3 years.


  • Price
  • 6 SATA cables


  • 500w rating

If you are looking for a cheap power supply then EVGA 500 B1 might be the one for you. For the same price as a new game, you'll get 500 watts of power transmitted through several SATA cables and two PCIe cables. This is arguably one of the best power supplies because it covers the essentials and nothing more, which is exactly what a budget PC component needs to do. The three-year warranty isn't bad either.

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3. Be quiet! Straight Power 10

Best PC power supply.

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 400 W – 700 W | Efficiency class: 80 Plus Gold | Modularity: Semi | Warranty: 5 years.


  • Silent support for ATX and EPS


  • A bit expensive

Even the best PSUs seem to have extremely loud fans, and unlike the best PC fans, it's not exactly easy to replace them. Fortunately, the Straight Power 10 line runs smoothly and quietly. The options range from 400w to 700w and are SLI and Crossfire certified. They're also modular, which means you just have to use the cables you need for your build.

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4. Silverstone SFX Series SST-SX550

Best 550w power supply.

Form Factor: SFX | Capacity: 550 W. | Class of efficiency: 80 Plus Gold | Modularity: none | Warranty: 3 years.


  • Compact dimensions
  • ATX and EPS support


  • Limited number of connectors

Unfortunately, the best PC power supplies tend to be huge metal blocks that don't fit in smaller PC cases. However, Silverstone SFX SST SX550 is a compact power supply that fits in many cases. It's half the size of most other power supplies on this list, plus it allows for more space for better airflow. This makes it an easy choice for anyone who wants to build a mini ITX or micro ATX build, and you can even slide it into a mid or full-tower case if you feel like it.

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5. Corsair AX1500i

Best PC power supply over 1000w.

Form Factor: EPS | Capacity: 1500 W. | Class of efficiency: 80 Plus Titanium | Modularity: completely | Warranty: 10 years.


  • High efficiency of titanium
  • Great capabilities


  • Expensive
  • Huge size

If you're a serious assembler who wants to build a true behemoth of a rig, with multiple video cards, cooling systems plus a healthy overclock, Corsair AX1500i it is the best PC power supply for you. It has the highest degree of efficiency 80 Plus Titanium possible and is fully modular, so you just need to add the cables actually required by the build.

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6. NZXT E650

Best stylish and modular power supply.

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 650 W. | Efficiency class: 80 Plus Gold | Modularity: complete | Warranty: 10 years.


  • Elegant
  • 10 years warranty


  • Expensive

If you're really looking to maximize the visual appeal of your build, a modular power supply is almost essential - you can avoid all those messy looking wires cluttering your case. NZXT E650 Not only is it a fully modular power supply, which means you only have to connect the wires you actually need, but it's also extremely attractive. All of this is complemented by an 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating and a 10-year warranty - not only will it look great, it will deliver energy efficiently and sustainably.

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7. Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W

Best PC gaming power supply.

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 700 W. | Efficiency class: 80 Plus | Modularity: No | Warranty: 5 years.


  • Beautiful RGB lighting
  • Economic


  • Not modular

With the power supply Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W Not only do you get gorgeous addressable RGB lighting, but you also have a reliable 80 Plus efficiency level and enough power to support even the best gaming PCs. It is true it is not modular, but for less than a hundred euros it could be a bargain.

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Best selling PC gaming power supplies on Amazon

Below is an always updated list of the best PSUs for gaming most requested on Amazon. I hope you can find the best PC gaming power supply that best suits your needs and pockets.

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