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Best conference phone. A buying guide to the best wireless phones for your meeting room.

Video calls are becoming an increasingly important element in the business world together with the many company telephone services (Vodafone, TIM, etc.), offered with standard features.

However, although companies provide desktop apps and the best smartphones on the market for use in audio conferences, these devices only work well when the number of people involved in an online meeting is small. For larger groups, with many people in a room, it is not practical to each have their own device, which is why it is better to have the best conference phone.

Audio conferencing equipment can really prove its worth, as mobile devices have weak microphones built to capture only immediate sound, which means if you have a group in a room you need to make sure everyone can be heard.

The audio conferencing hardware includes multiple microphones with long range sensitivity, and is also able to filter out the background noises typical of being in an office. The result is a generally clear audio stream that can include everyone present, without anyone missing it.

Best conference phone

Here are the conference devices that we believe have the best audio quality and allow more people to join in a meeting room. These conference phones have an excellent ability to pick up voices even over long distances, thanks to the built-in microphones and 360-degree sound diffusion.

1. Yealink CP960 Optima HD

The best high-end conference phone.

Microphones: 3 | Microphone range: 6 meters, 360 degrees | Connectivity : Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro-USB | Other characteristics: Android 5.1 operating system, 5 inch multi-touch screen.


  • Easy to use
  • The touchscreen is a great addition


  • Expensive
  • It might be overkill for smaller meetings

If you want the best conference phone to host large-scale meetings with people around the world, the conference phone IP Optima HD CP960 by Yealink is the best purchase you can make for your office right now. Its sleek design lets you sit in any meeting room without standing out, and the five-inch 1280 x 720 touchscreen lets you quickly set up your call and add participants.

The audio quality is fantastic and the microphones can pick up any sound in the room, even in larger places. However, it is very expensive, and small businesses may not need all the features provided by the conference phone IP Optima HD CP960.

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2. Konftel 300IPx

A modern and bright conference phone

Microphones: 1 (two additional microphones can be added) | Gamma microphone: Omnidirectional | Connectivity : Ethernet, Mini USB, Bluetooth (for control only) | Other characteristics: Konftel Unite app, NFC, memory card recording.


  • Atmosphere modern
  • The smartphone app makes meetings easy


  • Some may find it overly complicated

Konftel 300IPx is a shining example of a modern conference phone. Its strong point is theapp Konftel Unite, which allows attendees to join and organize meetings easily using their smartphone.

Even better, the Konftel 300IPx has NFC (Near Field Communication) built-in, which allows people to simply touch their compatible smartphone on the Konftel 300IPx to download the app. There are many great features included in this conference phone, including the ability to record to a memory card, bridge calls and connect to a PA system, making it easily one of the best conference phones that you can buy today.

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3. Jabra Speak 710 UC

Il best conference phone cheap.

Microphones: 1 | Microphone range: Omni directional | Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB | More features: 15-hour battery, Microsoft Skype for Business certified, can be paired with a second unit for stereo sound and extended battery life.


  • Easy to use
  • Cheap


  • Not autonomous
  • It lacks advanced features

If you are looking for a cheaper device than the Yealink CP960 above then Jabra Speak 710 UC is the most affordable choice of conference phones on this list. It can be easily installed in a meeting room, and its omnidirectional microphone does a great job of gathering everyone in the room.

The built-in speaker offers excellent sound quality and can also be used to play music. As you can imagine, it is compatible with others Jabra cuffie, although it is not a standalone unit, so it must be connected (via cable or Bluetooth) to a PC. For the price, however, this is an excellent choice.

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4. Polycom Soundstation VTX 1000

The classic conference phone

Microphones: 3 | Gamma microphone: 6 meters | Connectivity : Ethernet, connections for external microphone | Other characteristics: LCD screen, 12-key keypad, Caller ID.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Easy to use


  • It looks dated
  • Expensive

If you've ever been in a meeting room, you've probably seen a Polycom Soundstation on a table or desk. These are excellent, no-frills conference phones, and Polycom Soundstation VTX 1000 is the best audio conferencing product. It's easy to set up, with an LCD screen and numeric keypad that lets you easily dial or view incoming calls.

It looks a little dated compared to conference phones with integrated touchscreens, but it does the job - and it does it very well.

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5. Konftel Ego

Another great inexpensive conference phone.

Microphones: 1 | Microphone range: Omnidirectional | Connectivity : Bluetooth, Micro USB | Other characteristics: 12 hour battery, color LCD screen, portable.


  • Portable
  • Cheap


  • Only suitable for small meetings
  • Some features are missing

If the Konftel 300IPx above is too expensive then the Konftel Ego it's a great alternative. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, making it an excellent portable conference phone, and its omnidirectional microphone can handle meetings with around four people in a room.

It's not the most feature-rich conference phone on this list, but it does its job well and is a decent choice if you're on a budget.

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Best Conference Phone on Amazon

Below is an up-to-date selection of the best-selling best-selling audio conferencing phones on Amazon. Before making the purchase, I recommend that you carefully read the reviews of those who have already bought the product and also pay value to the evaluations.

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