Why am I no longer receiving WhatsApp message notifications

For some days you have noticed that you no longer receive WhatsApp message notifications and you don't know how to do it? You recently updated your Android mobile operating system and something strange happened to your smartphone.

Does the problem occur both when the WhatsApp app is open and when it is closed? So let's go in order and first try to verify everything; in the meantime, make yourself comfortable and read this article, I will try to explain why you no longer receive WhatsApp message notifications.

The first step is to check if notifications are still active in the WhatsApp App. Then open WhatsApp and on the main page press the three vertical dots to open the menu and choose Settings.

Among the various items of the Waypoint settings on Notifications and check if in Notifications Messagesin the voice Notify the Partner there is a flag on Always show a pop-up notification. If it is not present, put a tick and test its operation.

Same thing in the Group Notifications, check if in the entry Notify the Partner there is a flag on Always show a pop-up notification.

If you have not solved you can try to take a look at the notifications in the settings of your smartphone. For Android you have to go to Settings> Applications> Application manager> Everyone and select WhatsApp to check if the item Show Notification is flegged.

If it is, you can try unchecking, turning off the smartphone and then turning it back on. Back in Settings> Applications> Application manager> Everyone and after choosing WhatsApp again put the check mark on Show notification. Restart your phone.

If even in this case you have not solved, you can try to activate the notification of the device light, called LED. From Settings> Device> LED put the flag on the item Notifications, or activate the notification of the Light in WhatsApp from Settings> Notifications> Light, choosing one of those available.


Even if you haven't solved it, you can make a final check, to check if a third-party app interferes with WhatsApp. Eg Samsung Smart Manager is a system app from Samsung, with the purpose of optimizing the mobile device, present above all in the latest top of the range, capable of interfering in the management of apps; in that case, just deactivate the function for WhatsApp.

For more information on the functionality of Samsung Smart Manager you can take a look at this review.

To try to uninstall Samsung Smart Manager and learn more about applications capable of uninstalling system apps, I recommend: Titanium Backup or RootUninstaller.

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