Mr Bean's riddle is popular on WhatsApp

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These days a riddle is spreading like wildfire on WhatsApp and, in case you can't solve it, you are asked to change your profile photo to that of Mr Bean per 24 ore.

Here is the text of the riddle:

If you play and lose, be sporty and do as you are told. If your answer is wrong, you will change your WhatsApp profile photo to Mr Bean for 24 hours. Ready? So, you are sleeping. At 7 in the morning you hear the bell ... unexpected guests. Your friends came for breakfast. You have strawberries, honey, nutella and cheese. What do you open first?

The correct answer is: the eyes.

We report the most frequent answers that the network has given:

  • The door
  • I do not open
  • The gate
  • Honey, cheese, etc. leaving for last what you want to keep for yourself.

If you are among those who have already lost, we recommend that you use the photo of Mr Bean proposed by us and have a laugh ... especially by forwarding the riddle to your friends and seeing how many of them will lose!

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