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Do you want deactivate or cancel the Call me Vodafone service but you don't know how to do it? Are you tired of receiving notifications from Vodafone and want to stop paying? Read below, we explain how to do it.


How the Call me Vodafone service works

Il Service Call me allows you to receive a SMS with notification of received calls from fixed or mobile network (national and international) in the last 48 hours. The Call Me service is activated when your mobile phone is:

  • Busy (without call waiting activated)
  • Off or unreachable.
  • The transfer to the answering machine is active and the caller leaves no message.

There are several situations that do not allow you to be notified of the received call:

  • The number of the person who called is private and therefore not visible;
  • you have activated the "Call Exclusions";
  • you have not activated the "Short Messages Received" service
  • you have activated the transfer to another telephone number (landline or mobile);
  • more than 48 hours have passed since receiving the call;
  • you don't answer the call
  • block the call
  • the call is made with the 4088 For Me service and is therefore at your expense, and your mobile phone is switched off or the available traffic is exhausted.


How to deactivate the Call me Vodafone service

To deactivate the Vodafone Call Me service, all you have to do is call the free number 42593 or by going to the site in the DIY section (190 Do it yourself> Your offer> Active services and promotions> click on the button "Log in”In the menu of the chosen service) or from the dedicated option of the free number 42070.


The costs of the service Call me Vodafone

  • For the Rechargeable customers the cost of the Call me Vodafone service is 6 cents a day (only for days of use).
  • For the Subscription customers private, the Call me Vodafone service is included in the cost of the monthly payment.
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