WhatsApp camera looks bad

WhatsApp camera looks bad? Here is how to fix the zoomed WhatsApp camera problem which is causing quite a lot of problems to the users of the famous Facebook instant messaging app these days.

If you are also experiencing problems using the WhatsApp camera, know that the cause is a bugs, which causes, by opening the camera of your smartphone directly from the WhatsApp app, the enlarged image.

By taking a photo, whether on an Android or iOS mobile device, you will get a zoomed photo. As you can understand this is a really annoying situation and that we hope can be solved with the next update of the app. However, you can try to apply the instructions in this article to solve the problem of the WhatsApp Camera that looks bad and go back to taking photos to be sent directly from the app.

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WhatsApp camera looks bad: how to fix

WhatsApp camera looks bad

The bug relates to the latest version of the WhatsApp app and many users are complaining that when they open the camera inside WhatsApp, the image is seen with the zoom. Here are some tricks to solve the problem.

Use the camera app

The quickest solution to avoid this bug, which WhatsApp will have to fix as soon as possible, is use your smartphone's native photo app. By doing this you will avoid getting a zoomed shot and you will have the possibility to choose the format that interests you most.

Update WhatsApp

The cause of the problems with the WhatsApp camera could be due to the fact that you are using an older version of the application. Try opening the Google Play Store if you are on android or theApp Store if you are on iOS and looking for a newer version of the app to update.

Your Android

For smartphones with operating system Android, you open Play Store e fai tap sull 'your profile icon, top right. In the menu, tap on Manage Whatsapp and device and tap on the section Manage.

Navigate in the sub-sections Install o Updates available to do tap su WhatsApp to check if opening it on the Play Store, the button appears Update and if so there are updates available with the latest software version.

Your iPhone

For the iPhone, you have to open theApp store and locate the card Updates. Look for the icon WhatsApp e pulsing sul pulsating Update to manually download the latest version available. In case you don't see the update button next to WhatsApp, it means you already have the latest version.

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Clear the WhatsApp cache

Your Android

You can also try this trick by tweaking the WhatsApp camera settings:

  • Open the app Settings of your phone (gear icon)
  • Tap the section App or Applications.
  • Scroll to locate WhatsApp to press on it.
  • Toccata Storage memory
  • Press on Empty cache.
  • Close WhatsApp and restart it or restart your phone.

Your iPhone

Unfortunately clearing WhatsApp cache on iPhone is not possible. If you enter the System Setup> Data and Storage, you will only find 2 options: Use of data e Easier storage. Neither will allow you to clear the cache.

The only solution is to update the app by downloading the updated version, or manually back up your data and then uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.

Uninstall WhatsApp

If the WhatsApp camera problem persists, another option is to try uninstalling the instant messaging app from the mobile and reinstalling it by downloading it from the Google Play Store or from ourApp Store of Apple.

Before uninstalling the app, I recommend that you make a manual backup of your conversations.

Manual backup of WhatsApp

For manual backup, open the WhatsApp app and tap in the section Chat, the icon with i three vertical dots top right. In the menu that appears, select Settings> Chat. Scroll down the page and tap on Backup of chats. Press on the button Backup. Under this button, in the Google Drive settings, you can by pressing on Backup to Google Drive set the frequency of data saving: Daily, Weekly o Monthly.

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How to uninstall WhatsApp on Android

To uninstall WhatsApp you need to go to Settings> Applications> WhatsApp. Here you have to press on Uninstall, down. Alternatively if you hold your finger on the icon WhatsApp, then just tap on Uninstall.

How to uninstall WhatsApp on iOS

If you have an iPhone, you need to go to Settings> General> Free space iPhone. Here locate the icon in the list of the app WhatsApp. Tap on it and press on Uninstall Whatsapp o Delete app. Alternatively, you can press your finger on the icon WhatsApp and press on X, top left, and then up Delete.

How to contact WhatsApp

In case you haven't solved it yet, you can contact the app directly and expose your WhatsApp problem.

  • Open the app WhatsApp your Android or iOS.
  • Tap onicon dei tre pallini, top right.
  • Select Settings> Help.
  • Fai tap her Contact us.
  • In the field Describe the problem, type in the problem you are having and add screenshot pressing on the symbol capacitor positive (+) lead.
  • Press on NEXT and complete the procedure waiting for a response from the service center.

If you have any doubts or questions, you can still visit the WhatsApp help center.

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