How to do portability on SIM card

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Are you looking for a way to activate a new SIM or transfer your old phone number to the SIM? Here is a guide on the steps to follow to find out how to switch to Ho by also transferring the remaining credit. We see how to do portability on SIM card. was born on June 22, 2018 and is a mobile operator of Vodafone. Until the July 31 2018 by activating a SIM card at the cost of 6,99 per month (with an initial contribution of 7 euros and SIM purchase of 9,99 euros) you can take advantage of unlimited calls and SMS and 30 GB of Internet browsing per month. The following services are added to the offer: call waiting, hotspot browsing, SMS I called and the chance to discover the remaining credit calling the number 42121. can be purchased in three ways (in the first two cases it is necessary to connect to the portal): online payment and home delivery, online booking and payment at an affiliated newsstand, payment and collection at a point of sale.

How to do portability on SIM card

You must know that to do portability on a SIM card I have. keeping the old number you must first of all have no negative credit in the case of a rechargeable SIM and have paid all the bills in the case of a SIM with a subscription.

To switch to it is necessary, at the time of purchase both online and at a point of sale, to present an identity document, tax code and the current SIM.

If you have managed to obtain the SIM by having it sent to your home or by taking it from an affiliated newsstand, you can make portability on the Iliad SIM card through the app downloadable on the Play Store and App Store.

In the app, to transfer the old number to the SIM card ho, you have to go to the menu, top right, and press on the number ho. Then click on "I carry my number in ho”And enter your old number that you want to bring in ho, the telephone operator of origin, the type of contract if rechargeable or subscription and finally the serial number of the SIM that you will find on the old SIM. Accept the proposed conditions and confirm everything to conclude.

In the passage to ho. you can also request the passage of the remaining credit on your old SIM. The portability times are usually 2 days, while those for the transfer of the remaining credit range from 3 to 8 days. There are no costs even if the cost of the credit transfer service carried out by the originating operator is subtracted from the residual credit.

If you are a customer I have. the cost of the transfer service is 1,50 euros

Activation of the SIM I have. happens through the app i. After downloading and installing it, start ho. and immediately after click on Activate the SIM and follow the steps required to complete the activation process step by step.

Internet configuration with

After activating the new SIM ho., The Internet configuration is automatic, if you have problems you can make a call to the number 421113. At the end restart the phone and check if it works. If not, you have to do a manual configuration.

From your Android smartphone, go to Settings> Network and Internet> Mobile networks> Access Point Names.
Here you have to configure a new APN as indicated below.

Your name: I have. (you can also put one as you like)
MCC: 222
MNC: 10
Type APN: default, supl

Save and try to connect should work.

For Tethering and APN Hotspot create another APN and enter the following parameters:

Your name: I have. (you can also change it)
MCC: 222
MNC: 10
Type APN: default, supl

Save everything and that's it.

Switching from Vodafone to is possible

If you have ever heard from an official distributor that it is not possible to switch from Vodafone to, know that it is a hoax. I recommend that you report it to and then proceed independently to number portability.

To switch from Vodafone to, the process is the same as the one described above. You just need to have the ICCID of the Vodafone SIM, which you find on the back of the card, enter your details and a valid document and then ask for the portability of the number which will take place within 72 hours of the request.

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