Instagram does not upload the Stories: how to solve

Instagram doesn't upload Stories to me. Here's how to fix a problem that can occur in different situations.

The reasons why Instagram does not upload the Stories can be different and in this article I will try to analyze them with you to help you solve the problem.

Instagram doesn't upload Stories to me

Below is a list of the reasons that cause Stories to not upload to Instagram.

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1. Instagram doesn't work

The malfunctioning of the Facebook app could depend on being down, making access impossible for everyone in this case.

To check if Instagram does not work, I recommend that you first write to your friends and ask for an attempt to access them, or take advantage of the site, which monitors for inactivity problems on the service you indicated in the search bar. .

Another solution is to look for the hashtag on social media: #InstagramDown (or similar hashtags) to check if there are any general malfunctions.

2. Bug su Instagram

Another reason why Instagram doesn't upload Stories is the occurrence of a bug on the platform. If the problem persists even after restarting the smartphone, you can try to open the Play Store o App Store and see if the Instagram app delivers new updates to download.

In this case I recommend you download, install and restart the app. If you don't have to solve it try uninstall and reinstall Instagram.

3. Problems with the connection of the smartphone

Another cause of not uploading Stories to Instagram is usually smartphone connectivity. Check if yours 3G or 4G connection is active and if yours Wi-Fi network works.

Try disabling the connection and then re-enabling it and restarting Instagram. If you do not have to solve it, you can always check if it is a problem with the telephone operator or if the router you are connected to.

4. Temporary Instagram block (Shadowban)

Have you checked all the points described above but have not solved? If Instagram doesn't upload Stories to me then you have been temporarily blocked (Shadownan). In these cases you should know that the social network limits the functionality of the app, such as viewing and publishing Stories.

You may have violated the platform's rules and fallen into the Shadowban. I recommend that you contact Instagram support to solve the problem and ask for it to be unlocked.

In this regard, I suggest you read this guide: How to understand if you are in Shadowban.

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