What to do when the package does not arrive with AliExpress

Did you buy an item on AliExpress and it hasn't arrived? You must know that AliExpress packages travel the globe before they reach you, consequently delays and losses in the journey can happen. You are wondering what to do when the package does not arrive with AliExpress? Read on and you will find out.

If you have decided to shop on AliExpress guaranteed delivery times are 60 days, as the goods are shipped by boat. On average, the article arrives within a month and packages in Spain can arrive with couriers China Post, Hong Kong post, ePacket, Singapore Post, Swiss Post, EMS, DHL e UPS with different costs and delivery times.

When the time of delivery approaches, it will be enough for you check the status of your order on your AliExpress account. In any case, when the product is shipped you will receive an email with the traceability codes.

Keep in mind that customs clearance can slow down delivery by up to 15 days beyond the shipping time. Couriers such as DHL, UPS and EMS are more expensive but more reliable and faster, even when passing through customs.

If the requested delivery date has passed and in the details of the traceability the package is stopped in a place not indicated it is possible that it has been lost. In this case don't despair, but wait another 5 working days (no more than 20 though) before contacting the seller via email.

Calling the wholesaler is the easiest way to find out what's wrong. In case not even he is able to give you an explanation, you can decide to open a dispute. The procedure is very simple, just use the button next to each overdue order, but if you don't know English you can get help from a friend who speaks it.

The dispute management system works well, all you need to do is give AliExpress as much information as possible to clarify the problem.

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