Some tricks to make the most of YouTube

Do you want to enjoy YouTube to the fullest? In this post we will try to give you some indication for make the most of YouTube. All you need to do is read below to find out some tricks on youtube videos.


Use YouTube like a TV

On Youtube there is the Cinema Mode function that can be used by opening the web page with the browser and is perfect for those who want to manage the contents of the site with a keyboard. For example with the S button you access the search: here, by moving with the arrows, you can select the letters of the keywords to search for and immediately see the videos found. To bring the screen to full screen without showing the browser address bar just press the key F11.


View subtitles on YouTube

Many videos on Youtube are available in foreign languages. However, subtitles are often also available. They are recognized by the presence of the symbol Subtitles/CC in the results list. If you click on theicon with two horizontal lines present, then the subtitles will also be displayed.

Discover new channels on YouTube

On YouTube you can view the huge amount of videos available by clicking on Shop by Department channels. After clicking, you will be offered a list of topics from which you can choose what you want with the most popular videos in the sports, music, politics, etc. sections. You can also subscribe to one of the proposed channels by clicking on SUBSCRIBE, so you are notified when new videos are uploaded.


Music for your party from YouTube

YouTube is also great like DJ for your parties: Search for songs you like and add them to a playlist by clicking icon with small clock that appears when you hover over the video with the mouse.

Once you've collected enough videos, then you can kick off the party by clicking on the link Look later, present in the sidebar, and then on Play all. If you don't want to play the songs in the order you added them to the list you can click twisted arrow icon to play them randomly.


Watch a 3D movie on YouTube

view 3D movies on YouTube There are many movie trailers that can be easily enjoyed with the classic red-blue glasses (available on the internet for less than 5 euros). To find 3D clips it is enough type 3D in the search box. True 3D clips are marked in the hit list by the presence of 3D. For a better view click icon a gear shape and, in the resolution list choose the highest one, for example 1080p HD.

If you click 3D icon you will be able to make further adjustments to the image.


How to slow down a YouTube video

If you want to slow down a video on YouTube to better understand the unclear steps on the creation of an origamo or other manual activities, YouTube does not provide any tool that meets this need, but thanks to the site YouTube Slow we can view the video through the Youtube URL and view it by clicking on the button Slow It.

Using the slider displayed at the bottom you can decide how much to slow down the viewing of the movie. And at any time you can return to normal playback with the appropriate button.

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