Sites and App online license quiz A, B, C, D for the simulation of the exam

Have you come of age and want to get a driving license? Are you wondering how to pass the driving license quiz? Then I recommend you take a look at this guide, you will find the best ones online license quiz sites and apps A, B, C, D for exam simulation.

With the advent of technology, it is no longer necessary to study on textbooks to fill out the tests useful for obtaining a driving license. Today, thanks to programs, sites and above all apps for mobile devices, it is possible, at no cost or a few euros, to simulate the quizzes of driving license A, AM, B and higher driving licenses directly from the mobile phone, even when you are traveling, in vacation, or anywhere else other than home.

The tests are multimedia and can be easily performed by listening to the questions, watching video courses and much more. In short, you can play quizzes with app and site simulators and browse the manual in digital format wherever you are.

The driving license system in force in Spain

The driving license is an administrative authorization required to drive motor vehicles on public roads. From 1 July 2003 the Highway Code has decided to introduce the points license system which provides 20 starting points which are reduced in case of traffic violations.

After 2 years, if no infringements are committed, 2 points are awarded up to the achievement of 30 points on your driving license. The Spanish driving license allows you to circulate throughout theXNUMX-XNUMX business days without the need for additional certificates.

How many and what are the types of driving licenses in Spain

In Spain there are many types of driving licenses: A, B, C, D, extensions plus a Special License. These license categories allow circulation on vehicles limited to this license class. Here is a non-detailed summary with reference to the type of license, age of the driver and means of circulation that can be driven:

  • Patent A - minimum age 24 years, two-wheeled motorcycles and tricycles with power greater than 15 kilowatts.
  • Driving license A1 - minimum age 16 years, Motorcycles with a maximum displacement of 125 cm³.
  • Driving license A2 - minimum age 18 years, Motorcycles with power up to 35 KW and with a power / weight ratio not exceeding 0,2 Kw / Kg.
  • Patents AM - minimum age 14 years, it is also called license 50 and gives the suitability to drive mopeds.
  • Driving license B - minimum age 18 years, Motorcycles, Motorcycles up to 125 cm³, Motor vehicles (including caravans and trucks) up to 9 seats.
  • Patent C - minimum age 18 years, 21 years for driving heavy vehicles, trucks with a total laden mass of 7,5 tons and light trailer up to 3,5 tons.
  • Driving license D - minimum age 24 years, you can drive buses and trolleybuses but you must also achieve the CQC (Driver Qualification Card).
  • Patent E - is an extension of driving licenses B, C, C1, D and D1. Once you have obtained one of these licenses, you will be able to support the one for the E license.
  • Special Driving License for the Disabled - is given by a Medical Commission that certifies the suitability to drive vehicles with A, B, C and D licenses.

Best driving license quiz app

Quiz Patente 2019 Gold (Android, iOS)

2019 Gold Patent Quiz is an app for Android and iOS essential for passing the B and A driving license quizzes. You will find Ministerial Quizzes with questions updated to the latest regulations, video courses of 25 lessons, a theory manual, statistics to check your level of preparation, tricks to understand the correct answer and video tutorials useful for practice and theory.

In addition to the exercises by topic, you can simulate the real exam with the same logic of the Official Motorization Tests and send the completed cards to your driving school allowing your instructor to evaluate your preparation.

The instrument Patentometer and method Zero errors will allow you to correctly answer the driving license quiz and pass the final exam.

QuizPatent (Online,Android, iOS)

QuizPatenteApp is an app for Android and iOS developed by the homonymous site and allows you to practice on Quiz Ministerial official for driving license A or B. You can study with quizzes by playing Guess Signal, where you have to indicate, between four answers and within a few seconds, what is the meaning of the type of signal highlighted. 4 Report a Word is another game where you have to select the correct signal corresponding to the description. Each level passed will allow you to accumulate daily kilometers and kilometers to be associated with the chosen vehicle. The goal is to reach 100 kilometers a day.

You will start with a bike and as you earn Quizcoins you can accumulate kilometers and refuel. Of course, for each mistake, a liter of petrol will be subtracted from you. In the app you will find the section Statistics and Ranking, where the best players of the day nationally or among friends are listed.

With QuizPatente you can practice on Ministerial quizzes, Ministerial quizzes by mistake, Ministerial quizzes for chapters and more difficult quizzes. The Pro version of QuizPatente provides 3 subscriptions: € 7,99 per month, € 5,99 per quarter or € 4,49 per semester.

Driving License Quiz 2019 Free (Android)

QuizPatente 2018 Free is an app for Android that offers the study of theory to prepare for the driving test through quizzes divided by topic and useful for checking the level of preparation in each phase of the study and simulations. The quizzes are based on the official ministerial ones and through a statistical mode of operation they are continuously updated keeping track of the errors made by the student.

It includes a theory manual and a section for reviewing and explaining the mistakes made. Finally, it allows you to view the complete list of all the quizzes contained, whose questions are divided by topic with the answers: True / False.

be aware (Android)

Driving license quiz is a well-made Android app, consisting of theory learning training. Upon first login, you will be greeted by a tutorial which, based on the type of license you are preparing for, will direct you to the appropriate content. The main sections are: Quiz Ministeriale, to simulate the exams, Smart Quiz, tests where the questions are always different from the previous ones, Quiz by topic, based on individual chapters, Review of errors, to consult the wrong answers with relative corrections, Theory manual, Progress and statistics, where you can view the progress of the ministerial tests and the simulations carried out.

With be aware you can reset the archive and statistics on quizzes carried out and, in the settings, change the number of questions per quiz, enable voice reading or change the size of the text.

Official License Quiz 2019 (Android, iOS)

Official License Quiz 2019 is a free Android and iOS app designed together with the best driving schools. It offers over 8 ministerial quizzes to practice with, error explanations, a theory manual, and the chance to challenge your friends.

The official ministerial quizzes are valid for the 2019 exams and all those carried out will be stored directly from the app to be reviewed how and when you want. You also have quizzes by topic, statistics with the saving of all the errors, the review of the errors made and the review of the quizzes carried out.

With the app Official License Quiz 2019 you can practice to obtain the driving license AM - A1 - A2 - A - B1 - B - BE and above, without paying a cent.

Galileo Quiz Patent (Android)

Galileo Quiz Driving license is an Android mobile app that will help you pass your driving test. With it you can study the theoretical test of the driving license and test yourself with updated ministerial quizzes, preparing you for exam simulations. The quizzes are also available in German and French, and if you sign up for a driving school "The New Guide“, Or who works with the Galileo software, you will have access to the Plus version of the app with significant advantages in synchronizing the activities carried out in the classroom by future licensed students.

Best Driving License Quiz Sites (Online) is one of the best sites to practice driving test quizzes. Answer all the questions correctly within the indicated time (30 minutes) and you will see that you will be able to deal with them without making a mistake. The questions are part of the B and AM license ministerial quizzes that you will find on the day of the exam, memorize them by carrying out simulations with computerized exam cards (new official quizzes) and paper exam cards (40 questions).

Quiz Patente Online (online)

Quiz Patente Online is a website where you can simulate the exam with the same graphics and try to correctly answer the 40 questions issued by the Ministry. The cards (valid for driving license A and A1) are composed of questions divided into two for each primary topic and a question for the secondary topics, just like in the real tests.

The time available to complete the exam simulation is 30 minutes, but be careful you can make a maximum of 5 mistakes.

WebPatent (Online)

WebPatente is a website where you can simulate the exam test (also driving license quiz C and driving license quiz D) to obtain the driving license A, B, AM, C and D. The site offers several exercises and a theory manual that they will help you overcome difficulties and improve yourself. In addition, the quizzes are ministerial and your answers will be stored to allow you to make progress.

WebPatent It is also available as a free program for Windows and Mac and as an app for Android.

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