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For years now, navigators have available many services to perform online purchases at discounted prices.

Il auction system introduced by Ebay revolutionized the world of purchases between individuals, who could not only publish advertisements for the sale of any product, but could also afford to take advantage of a secure payment system such as Paypal and have public feedback and judgments on sellers.

Ebay was an example of a reliable and complete second-hand sales system, but it also introduced new buying logic with respect to the auction, such as direct purchases from virtual stores.

In the wake of Ebay, other online services such as Privalia, an online private buying club for exclusive branded products sold at discounted prices. Groupon, Letsbonus, temporary local offer sites.

In this varied scenario of opportunities for the consumer who can purchase the products of their interest a bargain prices, however, we must be very careful. Purchases are often made with a lot superficiality without practically reading the Terms of Service that you accept when you register, and without having analyzed the description of the offer purchased.

It should be emphasized that there are sites that offer guarantees and high reliability, while maintaining prices that are sometimes not very advantageous, and other sites that could, on the other hand, represent the possibility for the consumer to reduce purchase costs. Precisely on these sites we of Inform@rea we thought we'd give you some golden rules to follow for buy safely:

  • Almost all e-commerce sites have encryption systems. One such system is Transport Security Layer, a security protocol that makes data travel in an encrypted manner. Make sure that a padlock is displayed on the screen when the address bar appears.

  • In case of registration on the purchase site, use a Password strong, which contains digits, upper and lower case letters and special characters (e.g. @, #, etc.). In this case it will be difficult to break it.
  • If we want to buy on sites not related to the Spanish distribution chain and therefore not sure, take into account the possibility of run into disservices. We always advise you to buy from known or at least reviewed sites to limit the risks.
  • Always read the conditions of the service in detail before making a purchase. (e.g. local coupon sites have different rules from each other)
  • Pay attention to details of the offer. Check that the photos match the product, and that the shop exists and is traceable
  • Seek reviews online on the purchase service and before buying read what others are saying around and above all leave your experience.
  • Check that it is possible pay through circuits Paypal, Google Checkout, Banca Sella o prepaid credit cards. We avoid traceable payments.

  • La Product Description o of the service we are purchasing must contain information regarding the number of products available or maximum collection time of the coupon. Knowing that we have a month to use a coupon that includes an overnight stay and seeing that 500 other people have already bought it should make us think.
  • Before purchasing, analyze the existence of a section concerning the possibility of a refund or dedicated assistance. Without these assumptions, you avoid buying.
  • Check and verify carefully prices e rates. You will find that online shopping is much more beneficial.
  • please of foreign production it is good to make sure that they are also usable in our country.

  • Find out well about shipping conditions. Try to understand the delivery times, if there are surcharges, where it is sent from, if you can refuse the product, if you can pick it up at collection points or shops.
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