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  block the sending of messages coming from ours games su Facebook avoiding to invade the diaries of others, it is necessary to change the settings of your account to make sure that no one else but us receives the messages of the many games on the platform.

To do this, just click on thegear icon of our profile and click on Journal settings.

In the left column we select the item Applications then click on the link Modification next to the game we intend to avoid sending messages for. Now let's edit the entry "Visibility of the Application" from "Friends" to "Solo Io”And click on Close.

From this moment on, every time a game publishes a message it will only be visible to us and not to our friends anymore.

If instead we are going to block requests for a specific game, we must go through Facebook on the official page of the game by typing the name of the game in the search bar.

On the home page of the game, click on the item at the bottom Block. To the message Block the Application? click on the button Confirmation.

We will no longer receive invitations to this game afterwards.


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