How to trace the caller of an anonymous phone call

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Do you often get harassing phone calls from anonymous numbers? Do you want trace the caller of an anonymous phone call but you don't know how to do it? It is possible that someone has targeted you with jokes or verbal threats or that some call center wants to offer you some subscriptions.

Don't worry if you don't know you can block any stalker and even record their calls by tracing back to the Caller ID through an application called Whooming, a service that can be used for free and which, if activated, allows you to trace the hidden numbering to find out who is behind the phone.

Using Whooming e trace the caller of an anonymous phone call, it's very simple: when you receive an anonymous call you have to reject it and then go to the service website where you can view the number in clear text. Using the free version of Whooming the private number will be fully visible only after 24 hours.

Here how to trace the caller of an anonymous phone call through Whooming.

The first step to take to understand like trace the caller of a phone call anonymous is to register for the Whooming service by going to the Official site. Click on the button Sign Up and choose whether to register with your Facebook account or with your email.

You will receive by e-mail the temporary password with which to access the service. After receiving the email, you must return to the site and log in with a temporary username and password and then click on the button Log in.

Then press the button Add number and following the guided procedure enter your mobile number.

Awards Continue, select Diversion on busy and go to your mobile. Enter the number shown on the PC and tap the green call button to activate the forwarding to the Whooming service number when busy.

After doing this step, you will have 30 seconds to verify your phone number and complete the activation procedure. To do this, from another phone, call your number and decline the call. If the operation was successful, a message will be displayed on the PC confirming that the verification was successful.

Now when you receive a call from an anonymous number, all you have to do is reject it and go to the Whooming in the section Call list to view after 24 hours, for the version Free, the number of the stalker. 

Record the stalker's call

If in addition to find out the number of an anonymous call you also need to record this call, all you have to do is top up to have the services active Talk to the stalker e Record the call with the stalker.

Il servizio Talk to the stalker it has a cost of 20 cents per minute and allows you to immediately discover the caller, just reject the call and the mobile will ring again to display the number in the clear.

Il servizio Record the call with the stalker, allows you to record the call and download it in MP3 format at a cost of 10 cents per minute, and can only be used if you have also activated Talk to the stalker.

Both services can be enabled in the area Configuration of your account, as well as the service Anonymous SMS, which allows you to receive the stalker's number via SMS at a cost of 20 cents per SMS.

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