Total Recall 2012 review - ed. integral [Blu-Ray]

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Partial makeover! Superlative technical sector!

A remake not in the strict sense of the term since the locations have been changed, the underlying theme remains and the names of some main characters, but the story has also changed. Sin! I was expecting a deepening of the history of Mars and instead there was a shuffling with a nice shake!

Performing the cast and well integrated in their roles, Kate demonstrates strength at the level of Underworld. Scenographies of considerable value and impact, the colony is very well built and is somewhat reminiscent of the city of Los Angeles in Blade Runner, at least in the dark and rainy external atmosphere.

I bought the two-disc version in order to view the full version, all translated into Spanish. Before the film, from the extras menu you can activate a function that allows you to see the behind the scenes of some sequences with the comment while watching. Of course you should watch the film a second time to use this feature otherwise the whole film breaks up. On the second disc there are several extras.

In summary: a worker married and in love with his amazing wife has a recurring dream where another woman is present. This leads him to want to try the service offered by ReKall which promises to create memories of his own life without living it physically.


The video sector is a reference, although there are many shots in the dark these are always very intelligible with the details always clearly visible. Excellent colorimetry, very well balanced for the sets and shooting present. Always excellent brightness. PPND (Sharp Detailed Close-ups) excellent, PPPN (Detailed Close-ups) excellent, MPP (Half Close-ups) excellent. It must be said that we are in CG at 98% so if the staff in charge is good the results are superb, as in this case.

Rating: 96


The audio sector it's a DolbyTrue HD 5.1 with a mix that borders on the reference, and yes, it lacks a bit of verve but still it is well made. Good level, I stayed at my -20 db and in the main scenes the yield is good / excellent. Good / excellent dynamics. Natural and full-bodied dialogues at the right point. The surround channels recreate an excellent ambience. The sub is quite performing and in some moments it gives a nice shake.

Rating: 90

SPECIAL CONTENT (over an hour and a half)

- Behind the scenes of Total Recall.

- The revelations of director Len Wiseman.

- 3 movies: Science vs. Science fiction; The design of LA FALL; Laughter on set.


- Contains the uncensored full length and theatrical version plus a never-before-seen 20 minute movie with an alternate ending

- Director's comment.

- Additional cinematics: Total Action, in-film action and stunt stunts; Inside the Recall, previsualization of fighting and chase sequences.

Final comment.

This film, viewed with Blu ray enhances the video quality emitted by your high resolution TV. The audio has a mix that, when listened to with suitable systems, offers you superb emotions.

Movie Rating: 80

Blu-Ray Rating: 93

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