The Last of Us Part 2 - How to open safes without having the combination

We explain how to do it!

Are you having trouble finding the codes of the safes? Well, this The Last of Us Part 2 guide will help you open them without knowing the combination.

But let's go in order. During your terrifyingly dark and violent adventure, there will be moments of exploration where you will need to gather supplies. Some of the best assets will be hidden in the safes. To find the codes you have to analyze and read every letter you find in the game environment, but there is another way.

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How to open security safes without finding the code first:

As mentioned, there are numerous safes throughout Seattle. To open them you need a code consisting of three two-digit numbers. Most of these combinations can be found in letters left lying around by someone or even on a bulletin board; these will sometimes reveal not only the code but also where to find the safe. Sometimes, instead of explicitly revealing the code, they will give you some clue on how to get it, perhaps by doing some trivial mathematical calculation. None of these puzzles are difficult to solve, but you will have to think a little to solve these simple puzzles.

However, there are times when maybe even finding the safe, it is really difficult to retrieve clues about the code to open it. Fortunately, there is a way to open these safes without finding these clues, but you will need a careful ear and a lot of patience.

Turning the knob very slowly to enter the numbers from 00 to 99, pay attention to the noise of the gears. In fact, when you pass on the correct number, the click will change to slightly stronger or in any case with a higher shade. You can use this trick to find all three numbers.

The difference in sound is very subtle. It can be incredibly difficult to understand and for this reason we suggest that you only try it if equipped with good quality headphones or a level audio system kept at a slightly higher volume. Also, expect to waste a lot of time if you decide to open a safe this way. If you don't have time to waste, take a look at the list of safe codes we have compiled for you

What items can be found in a safe in The Last of Us Part 2?

Regardless of whether you find the security codes or not, opening a safe is very important. Along with useful resources like ammo and crafting materials, you will potentially get a good amount of parts and supplements to upgrade weapons and abilities. In addition, new weapons can also be found in some of these safes. In a game where resource management is quite crucial, these safes are an integral part of your fight against infected and human factions.

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