The best torrent sites: alternatives to Torrentz

From the closure of Torrentz, one of the best torrent sites, was born Torrentz2, another noteworthy meta tracker. But there are other torrents that over time have made their way among Web users, let's see what they are.

Preliminary information

Torrents are one of the main methods of downloading material, including multimedia. The protocol BitTorrent is a peer to peer protocol or P2P where there is no central server, but each PC works as a server. In this way the information and data are taken from each PC connected to the network which shares its files for uploads by other users.

In practice, each client generates a .torrent released on the network and made available for other users. This is a file that is not only small in size but contains the URL addresses of the Tracker, central servers that coordinate traffic and keep track of a file's sources.

Each torrent client is a node and each node can be seed, peers e leechers. THE Seed are those nodes that have circulated the original file or have downloaded it completely. They therefore have the complete file. THE Peers are those nodes that are downloading the file but do not have all the fragments, which however share them on the network. THE Leechers it is the peers who receive a lot but share little. Also called leeches. Finally, the Swarms are the seeds and peers that share the same file.torrent sites.

Going back to talking about trackers, they are the real weakness of torrents as they have been repeatedly the subject of legal actions by different companies and by various judicial orders. This means that using torrents to download copyrighted content is illegal, and whoever does it not only commits a crime but is actually prosecuted as well.

What I recommend is to get a VPN, in order to protect your privacy, browse fast and hide your identity.

The best alternatives to Torrentz

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the best alternative to Torrentz è Torrentz2 but there are also big torrent trackers that offer rich and valid databases.

The torrent sites listed below will allow you to search for content in Spanish, what you will need to do is add the word to what you are looking for  Spanish.

The best Spanish Torrent sites

  1. The Pirate Bay: it is undoubtedly the most complete site.
  2. TNT Village historic site with a strong community.
  3. KickAss Torrents site founded in 2008 and milestone among magnet link lovers.
  4. Lime Torrents is a popular torrent download website mostly used to download content such as audio files, video files.

ATTENTION: if some Spanish torrent sites should be unreachable due to DNS blocking, I suggest you use a Web proxy or a VPN or change the DNS as explained in this guide: How to change DNS on Windows 10.

The best foreign torrent sites

  1. Torrent Seeker
  2. NYAA
  4. DigBT
  5. New Torrents
  6. Toorgle
  7. Torrent Galaxy
  8. Rutracker
  9. Elite Torrent
  10. YTS
  11. SkyTorrent
  12. Pirate
  13. Legit Torrents

Torrent search software

To speed up the search for a torrent file I recommend two excellent software: Bit Che and qBitTorrent.

  • Bit Che is a Windows program that allows you to find the file you need in all major Torrent search engines. After installing and running it, type the name of an MP3 file, movie, game or other, press the Enter button and wait a few seconds. You will see in the search result several sources where to download the file. You can select or deselect the torrent search engines to use for the download.
  • qBitTorrent is a free and open source Torrent client available for Windows and Mac OS X and Linux. It does not contain advertising banners, and is a valid alternative to the popular uTorrent. The peculiarity of this software is the possibility of using its search function to find files on the BitTorrent network, without looking for them on browser search engines.

CAUTION: this guide was created for illustrative purposes. I remind you that downloading copyrighted material is a crime and I have no intention of encouraging piracy, so I do not take any responsibility for the use you make of the information in the article. If you intend to use the BitTorrent network, I recommend that you use a VPN (virtual private network), by doing so you will hide your identity, geographic location and avoid tracker blocks.

Other useful guides

Before concluding we leave you with some guides that we have written regarding the torrent world, they could be useful depending on your needs.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Torrent9 transformed into OxTorrent over time, but continues to have multiple mirror sites today.
The Pirate Bay is the best known illegal download site on the planet, seventeen years after its launch.
3 days ago

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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