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If you are looking for a way to switch to Vodafone and want to learn more about the ADSL or fiber optic subscription plan, then I recommend that you read this article thoroughly, because I will reveal to you the best Vodafone ADSL offers.
The promotions of the "red" operator are updated very frequently and are dedicated to both private and business. Among the most effective plans for the home we find that of Unlimited internet. It provides Vodafone Station (the Vodafone modem), Vodafone Ready (the service to receive immediate activation, remote assistance and configuration and to call and surf in all circumstances) and a three-month trial period of Network Safety.
At the end of the reading I hope I have clarified your ideas, otherwise you can browse all the Vodafone tariff plans and compare them by connecting to the SOSTariffe website and choosing the telephone operator logo on the right of the screen, under the heading The best operators in comparison .

The best Vodafone ADSL offers

Type in your address and press the button Check your coverage and activate online.

On the new page you will see the availability of fiber optic coverage, otherwise you will have to choose traditional ADSL.

Consider that in areas with technology Fiber to the Home (FTTH), the fiber optic connection will reach very high speeds (1 Gigabit download), while the areas with technology Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC), the speed will be limited to 300 megabytes in download, since the network is in optical fiber from the control unit of the street cabinet and then continues with the classic copper cable.

Internet Unlimited by Vodafone

Vodafone's Internet Unlimited offer includes:

  • Unlimited navigation up to 1 Gigabit on Giga Network di Vodafone with FTTH. Alternatively they are also available FTTC e ADSL.
  • SIMs. data for tablets and keys with 30 GB of traffic per month
  • Vodafone Ready included: assistance service, installation and maintenance of the devices associated with the fiber. The service would normally cost 6 euros per month
  • Free unlimited calls to national landlines and mobile numbers if activation takes place online. Otherwise, the price is 5 euros per month
  • Vodafone TV Entertainment (only with FTTH)
  • Modem Vodafone Station even
  • Safe Network, the service for protection from the main web threats, on trial for 3 months

The offer has a cost of 27,90 per month in promotion instead of 33,90 €. The cost of activation è even but in case of early withdrawal, the contribution of 1 euros for 24 months must be paid in a lump sum.

Internet Unlimited +

Vodafone's Internet Unlimited + offer includes:

It includes everything already mentioned for the Unlimited Internet tariff plus unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines and the new router Vodafone Power station.

Internet Unlimited ADSL e Internet Unlimited + ADSL

If you are not reached by the optical fiber you can take advantage of these two rates which also include calls.

The activation costs are 5,90 for 48 months. The offer includes:

Unlimited navigation from 50 Mega to 1 Giga of speed for those who are reached by the fiber depending on the type of fiber with which the operator reaches the home, 1 Gigabit speed can only be used with the Family offer.

Unlimited navigation from 7 to 20 Mega speed for those who are not reached by Fiber, but only by ADSL

Apart from the offer with included and unlimited calls to national and mobile landlines and does not include the Internet. As for the other offers, calls are at 19 cents per minute to all fixed and mobile numbers and connection fee at 19 cents.
For more information, consult the official Vodafone website.

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