Special Fifa 17 vs Pes 2017

Great expectations for the two football simulations par excellence.

FIFA vs PES, here we go again!

The major European competitions have now started a few weeks ago and for all lovers of football titles, a Shakespearean doubt returns, which is not "to be or not to be"(Joke pronounced by Prince Hamlet) but rather" which football simulation to buy between FIFA 17 e Pro Evolution Soccer 2017? ". We could easily say to you: "buy what teases and amuses you most" but in our "small" we will try to give you some advice to lightly clear your ideas on which of the two titles to buy.

Also this year the choice is not easy, as it is Electronic Arts and be Konami they improved their respective games, but pursuing two paths that we can consider opposite; FIFA 17, still remains a highly anticipated and consolidated title by now thanks to a large group of fans, while PES 2017 seems to be mature enough, after a process of revolution that lasted 2 years, to be able to "remove the scepter" of undisputed ruler at Electronic Arts house title.

PES 2017

In recent months Konami has shown several trailers that allow the gamer to understand what were the strengths of PES 2017; in particular, the game turns out to be more realistic than previous titles, thanks above all to the evolution of the Fox Engine which has now reached truly exceptional levels of photorealism. Furthermore, the new system called "Advanced Collision System”, Introduced last year in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, has allowed the title to rise further than in the past, thus showing off movements on the field, contacts and an overall fluidity of the unprecedented animations. This time, however, the attention of the Software House was directed above all to the make the game more "choral", allowing the player to build a much better game plot than in the past chapter of the series (in which this "revolution" was started), thanks to an improved system regarding the touch of the ball (Real Touch Control), the management of the passages (which now appear to be more faithful to reality) and the finalization of the game action.

In summary:

  • Precise passage: Combining realistic touch with state-of-the-art physical effects, passages in PES 2017 are a true art form. The speed of the ball and the accuracy of the pass are determined by many factors. The pass made in the best situation and with the best timing will follow a perfect trajectory, to the great satisfaction of the player.
  • Realistic touch: Different players control the ball in different and unique ways, based on their position and the commands you decide to give. The dynamics of the game will be dictated by the different reactions of the players to the unpredictable movements of the ball.
  • Total control of the team: Players will be able to instantly change the offensive or defensive mentality of the team, making changes and variations with simple commands, so as to react immediately to the unpredictability of the game.
  • Improved goalkeepers: Big leap in quality even for the extreme defenders, with new animations and movements that give life to the most agile goalkeepers in the history of PES. The attacking phases will be more exciting than ever and scoring a goal will give you a satisfaction never experienced before.
  • Corner Kick Schemes: Control defensive strategies on set pieces, for example by choosing between zonal or man marking. Offensive options are also included, such as moving specific players.
  • Advanced instructions: In Advanced Instructions it will be possible to set individual strategies and tactics strongly rooted in team ideology, such as Tiki-Taka and Close Marking. This way you will have many choices available to get to victory!
  • Adaptable AI: For the first time in a soccer game, AI learns your way to play! The PES series has always placed great emphasis on the behavior of teams and players - the adaptive AI of PES 2017 will change sports games forever.
  • Authentic graphics: The graphics of PES 2017 have been enormously enhanced, offering an unprecedented truth effect thanks to the incorporation of the Fox engine. Everything has been improved, from the player models to the light, from the crowd to the pitch, to the stadiums. Never had such a realistic game been seen.
  • Natural movement of the players: We've added hundreds of new animations to bring players and goalkeepers to life… But that's not enough! New features such as realistic touch and precise passing further enhance the experience by providing a wide range of motion when stopping and passing.

The Japanese Software House has also made several improvements also with regard to the team management system, which now includes: new advanced instructions that will allow you to better adapt the team according to the type of match being played (intensive pressing, Tiki-Taka and close marking), strategies on corner kicks and, above all, the 'adaptive artificial intelligence, which will allow opponents to study our moves, to understand the game scheme we are using and consequently take the right countermeasures to which we will inevitably have to find a remedy. The present modalities have not been upset; the focus is once again on the classic Master League and on the mode myClub, which provides two new options relating to: hiring scouts with different specializations and detailed analysis of the opponent's style of play.

Once again, PES 2017 fails from a licensing point of view

By now, for the most loyal fans, it won't be a big problem to play with unlicensed teams, but it must be said that the biggest flaw for the Konami title is once again the "skimpy" amount of licenses available compared to direct rival, which instead can count on a much larger and more complete license park. However, something was also done for PES 2017, as, in addition to confirming the rights relating to the UEFA Champion's League andEuropa League, the Japanese house has signed important Partnerships with some of the most famous clubs in the world; particularly FC Barcelona, Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund, River Plate, Flamengo and Corinthians. Among the championships completamen
you "fired", we find the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, the Eredivisie, the Argentine, Chilean and finally the Brazilian championship. As for the Italian Championship, we find all the fully licensed teams, with the exception of Sassuolo and hear and hear of Juventus.

We remind you that PES 2017 will be available next 15 Settembre for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.


EA Sports revealed the biggest gameplay novelty of FIFA 17 at the last E3 2016 in Los Angeles, thanks to the new graphics engine Frostbite, which replaces the Ignition Engine, engine developed by EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and which appears to have already been used in games such as: Battlefield 1, and Mirror's Edge Catalyst; this "Engine", has brought various improvements, especially as regards the visual rendering of the players, stadiums and other elements, including duels on the pitch, physical contacts and animations that in the past had been a bit "neglected "From the software house. The system, which has been shown in three videos in the past few months, allows to reach a higher level of realism than in the past as regards: the contrasts, the management of the ball, the protection with the body of the same (which should lead to new possible solutions to conclude the game action), the thrusts and the withholdings when the ball is in the air, up to the set pieces, which we remember having been completely revised.

Furthermore, following the path taken by 2K Games, a new mode was introduced called "The Journey”, In which we will have the opportunity to follow the events of Alex Hunter a young English football talent whose goal is to become a professional Premier League player. Why the Premier League? The answer is very simple, in addition to being considered the "NBA football”, Is the league on which Electronic Arts has focused more than others such as Liga or Bundesliga; in fact, among the great innovations present in this chapter 17, there is the introduction of the "Managers”Of the English championship, among which stand out: Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp, Ranieri, Conte and Wenger. The news of Fifa 17, however, does not stop there. In fact, in the new video game a lot of importance will be given to 4 ambassadors of world football: James Rodriguez, Anthony Martial, Eden Hazard and Marco Reus. According to the developers, the chosen players represent the future of this sport, because "with their way of playing they have influenced and continue to influence world football".

In summary, the new additions to the gameplay concern:

  • Direct free kicks: Customize the free-kick run for more variety in the effect and movement of the ball. Now you can perform in true phenomenal shots, such as direct free kicks from outside to get around the barrier.
  • New corners: The new corner targeting system allows you to choose your teammates with greater precision and change their movements as you pass. Take control of a player in the box to receive the ball and finish on the net with a winning header.
  • New penalties: Move freely during the run-up, approach the ball from various angles and at different speeds, take penalties with personality by taking control of the puck.
  • User controlled throw-ins: Move along the line to better position yourself on the throw-in. Perform a feint to confuse the opposing defender. And then you quickly serve a mate.
  • Controlled shots: A new shooting mechanic allows you to keep the ball low in any situation, whether it is placing it rather than finishing it on the fly or simply placing it on the net.
  • Crushed headers: More direction control allows you to hit the ball by squeezing it towards the ground, further complicating life for goalkeepers.

The new ways of kicking, will allow you to place the ball in a designated spot; everything is managed by a front sight which, depending on the force applied to the sphere, will allow to reach the point established during the shooting phase. You can move before the execution, kick with effect and on penalties you can choose how to approach the ball or what type of penalty to execute. Even on lineouts you can gain some space to approach the area in a dangerous way or perform feints to disorient the opponents who will try to stop us in all ways.

As for the "physics"Of the balloon, at the base of the system is the"Pushback SystemWhich should have improved the overall dribbling system, stops and defense by creating new and interesting game situations. The Pushback System will be particularly useful for protecting the ball, waiting for a teammate to unmark and go to conclude the action. The risk that physical players are once again dominant as never before, but in a few days, exactly on September 13th, the demo of the game will be published and we will have the opportunity to try the whole system to the fullest.

Lots of news also forUltimate Team, one of the most popular modes in FIFA; in practice we will have new modes available:

FUT Champions mode

The new way to compete in FIFA 17 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Each week you can qualify for the Weekend League and try to win great prizes in the game. Prove your skills and climb the monthly leaderboards to win in-game prizes and have the opportunity to compete on the world stage.

Qualify for the Weekend League

FIFA Ultimate Team Online Tournaments are now part of FUT Champions. Winning a daily knockout tournament will earn you prizes and a place in the Weekend League. Dynamic entry requirements and great prizes make daily single elimination tournaments a different challenge.

Are you already at the top of the leaderboard in FUT Online Seasons? Weekly success at the highest level will automatically grant you a spot in the highly coveted Weekend League.

Your football weekend starts here

Time starts when the weekend starts. Try to win as many games as possible on a predetermined number and try to level up to get better and better in-game rewards. Everyone who participates in the Weekend League, by the players
bronze to those elite, they have the chance to win prizes in game to improve their team in view of the next competition. A good weekend result is just the beginning. A steady return over the weekend will allow you to climb the monthly leaderboards and earn some of the best in-game rewards available in FUT. Behave yourself and you could show off your skills on the pitch with prestigious custom kits and special FUT Champions Player Items.

Compete on the most important stage

For the absolute best, FUT Champions could be your ticket to competitions and win prizes in the real world, through the monthly regional leaderboards on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 which give access to the EA SPORTS FIFA 17 ULTIMATE TEAM ™ CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES and the FIFA INTERACTIVE WORLD CUP. Do you have what it takes to climb the leaderboards and qualify for the biggest competitions in EA SPORTS FIFA history?

Improved Artificial Intelligence

In this highly anticipated chapter of FIFA 17, the artificial intelligence has been improved, in fact, there will be the possibility of making the attacker perform elusive movements, designed to ensure that their teammates can take advantage of it, attacking both centrally and on the flanks; great attention was paid to the defense, which in the last two years had been at the center of heavy criticism from fans. In particular, it seems that now the system works much better and is more balanced, thus avoiding those unpleasant situations in which our player seemed practically at the mercy of the opponent's attacker.

Rights? Yes thanks!

Again this year, FIFA 17 wins hands down when it comes to the rights available in the game; not only will there be the complete licenses of the Premier League but also of the Bundesliga, Liga and Serie A (with the exception in this case of the Seria A logo itself which is not official), moreover there is all the Japan League (J1), which although for us Westerners, it may represent a small addition, just think that the direct rival is made by Konami (doesn't it tell you anything?), which means being able to acquire new fans even in the Rising Sun at the expense of PES.

Recall that FIFA 17 will be available next 29 Settembre for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.


Ultimately we can say that currently PES 2017 certainly represents an excellent football title and the improvement work carried out by Konami, compared to what happened last year, with a net change compared to the past, has now reached a level that is mature enough to be able to therefore " beat "the direct rival, who certainly did not" rest on his laurels ", as happened with FIFA 16, but instead tried to make a change, especially in terms of graphics and overall gameplay, through completely new elements . I conclude by saying, that never as this year the choice is very difficult but that whatever title you decide to buy, you will certainly not be dissatisfied.

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