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You are just getting closer to the world of TV series and you are getting more and more passionate to the point that you are now looking for the best websites to watch streaming TV for free. Well know that with today's guide I will offer you several sites to watch streaming TV series for free with which you will be able to see all those episodes that you have missed of your favorite series without having to sign up for any subscription.

I sites to watch streaming TV series for free they are safe and all have rich catalogs. Some offer a free trial with no renewal obligation, others the full view.

Are you curious about free streaming TV series sites like Cineblog01 TV series? So let's not waste time and that's it! Take a few minutes of free time and make yourself comfortable because when you finish reading I'm sure you will find the movie streaming sites that best suit your needs. Read the next lines carefully and enjoy your reading.

Best sites to watch TV series streaming for free

Do you want to watch movies for free? Here is a list of the best Reliable sites to watch free Spanish TV series (for example: Game of Thrones, Shameless streaming ita, Sex and the City streaming o Person of Interest streaming ita, Prison Break streaming ita, Lost streaming ita, The Walking Dead streaming ita, grey's attendant anatomy) or in the original language with subtitles (often also in Full HD format).

I remind you that the list of streaming sites below is written for illustrative purposes only, it is not our intention to encourage piracy and therefore we decline any responsibility for how you will use the information herein.


Eurostreaming is a site to mainly watch TV series streaming on Putlocker and Vk for free. Over the years it has continuously changed domain following blockades by the authorities. Today he is alive and well.

To watch movies without registration, you need to connect to the official page of the site and choose one of the many streaming TV series, in the right column. A page will open with all the episodes and links available for the television series of your choice.

For each episode you have several channels available, and they are: WStream, HD, MixDrop, DeltaBit, VidTo, Turbovid, AKvid.

We tried to use DeltaBit and, after waiting a few seconds for the page to load, we pressed the button Watch streaming.

Arm yourself with clicks because every time you click on the screen it will open a new page with advertisements to close immediately.

When the video appears, press the button Play, in the center of the video, and that's it.

To stay up to date on new domains and on the Telegram channel of the original site, I recommend that you bookmark our constantly updated guide on: Eurostreaming new address.


TV Series Online is another interesting site where you can find lots of modern and past streaming series. By accessing the portal, you will find in the right column i 20 most viewed movies, in the left column, the latest updates TV and Lists of foreign TV series, and those of 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. At the center of the page, however, the posters of the most recent TV series.

To see an episode of a streaming television series, search by typing in the box at the top right and press the magnifying glass icon.

In our case we have chosen Automan and after reading a long introduction about the history of the 80's TV series, we clicked on the button Play of the video, just below, to watch an episode. Check the box for I am not a robot and enjoy the movie.

We were amazed by the few pages that opened during our research and vision of the film, this in relation to the other portals mentioned here.

To stay updated on new domains and on the Telegram channel of the original site, I recommend that you bookmark our guide that is always updated on: SerieTVOnline new address.


SeriesHD is an AltaDefinizione portal and is among the best sites to watch streaming TV series for free. On the Home Page you will immediately find the posters of the most recent films in the center of the page, while the link is clearly visible on the left Categories, with a list of all the genres present, and at the top right the box of research.

After choosing a movie, in our case Gomorrah, on the following page the Player appears immediately in the foreground with all the information below on the television series and the possibility of leaving a comment to communicate your considerations on the quality of the film and highlight some problems.

In the Player you can choose both the season and the episode and then immediately press the button Play.

As in the image below, you may be prompted to register on Altadefinizione to see the film.

Tap on the symbol of X to close the request and then on the button Play. Lots of windows and banners will open, close everything and insist (the registration request may also appear again). In the end you will make it.

Other sites to watch TV series in Spanish for free

After the blocking of Megavideo, closed for copyright infringement, many other sites were born that are periodically forced to change domains. Here are the best known ones.

  • CB01
  • IlGeniodelloStreaming
  • Tantifilm
  • CasaCinema TV series

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Legal Sites to watch TV series streaming for free

If you are looking for HD TV series, below are other full TV shows.

Mediaset Play

Mediaset Play is the free streaming service of the Mediaset group where you can watch all Mediaset TV channels in live streaming and a rich on-line catalog with Mediaset programs and fiction and a wide selection of TV series, films, cartoons and documentaries. You can watch it on PC or download it for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Read also our guide: How to download from Mediaset Play.

Discovery +

Discovery Plus is a video streaming service that has replaced DPlay and allows you to watch your favorite Real Time, Dmax, Food Network, Nove, Motor Trend, Giallo, Frisbee, K2 and Animal Planet shows for free and on demand wherever you want and whenever you want . It is also available for Android mobile devices.


Popcorn Tv was founded in 2009 by Delta Pictures and is a totally free and legal streaming service. In practice, in its multi-platform video on demand you can consult a vast catalog of films of all kinds, TV series, unreleased, soap operas and much more.


Vodkey is a site that collects links to movies and television series that you can legally find on the internet. It does not publish films but indicates with its links where to find them. It offers a rich catalog with posters and descriptions of the films and where to see them for free.


If you don't know, the Google video platform also offers not only funny and amateur videos, but also several channels that offer full movies on YouTube. The films are not quite recent but still of high quality.

Legal sites to watch streaming TV series with trial period


Vvvvid is a portal that stands out for its wide range of Japanese anime and movies but also streaming TV series. All available content can be watched for free and there are TV series for adults and children for a total of over 200 thousand contents, with about 300 new additions per day. Among the titles currently available in its catalog you can find: Ascension, The Lost Room, Little Britain, Shameless, Life on Mars e The Office. Viewing can be done from any web browser, but to access the service you need to register and create an account.


Netflix is one of the best free TV series streaming sites but that requires registration to take advantage of a free trial period of 30 days with no obligation to pay the actual subscription. As for the contents offered, in its catalog there are numerous original and self-produced titles such as Thirteen, Stranger Things but also historical TV series such as Breaking Bath, Lost, Prison break, together with TV series from other broadcasters.


Infinity is the Mediaset service for streaming movies and TV series. Like Netflix, it is a paid service that deserves to be mentioned when it comes to watching TV series at no cost, as it offers new subscribers the opportunity to try the service for 30 days without spending a cent. Its catalog is well stocked, the contents are almost all in Full HD resolution and there are various kinds of TV series, including own productions. Among the titles should be noted: Dead, Person of Interest, The Big Bang Theory, Ash vs Evil, Flash, Shmaless, Fringe e Arrow .

Now TV

Now TV is the website of the Sky home service for viewing streaming movies, sports and TV series via browser (and not only). It is not a free service, but can be used free of charge for a trial period. Among the TV series should be mentioned: Gomorrah, Novel criminal, In Treatment. The list is definitely much longer.

Paramount Channel

Among the best sites to watch free TV series, Paramount Channel offers many American TV series such as: ER Doctors on the front line, All in family, Sex and the city. You can access both direct programming and viewing of content of interest in on-demand mode.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video presents an expanding catalog and offers streaming TV series and on-demand services. Among the most famous TV series are: Fear The Walking Dead e The Shield. If you have an Amazon Prime account you can use Amazon Prime Video at no cost, keep in mind that an Amazon Prime Account costs 36 euros a year and provides a free trial period of 30 days.

Amazon Prime Video is available not only for Smart TVs but also for PCs and mobile devices. Download movies and TV series to watch offline. Watch Amazon Prime Video free for 30 days.

If you have a traditional TV and not a Smart TV, I suggest you take a look at the best TV Boxes on the market.

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