PES 2019, let's talk about the myClub mode

PES 2019, let's talk about the myClub mode

From a copy of FUT to an identity of its own.

It is useless to say that this mode was born after the incredible success of Fifa Ultimate Team, a mode that allows players to create their own dream team.

However, it must be admitted that after the first year of running, the mode has acquired a real identity, which has led some fantasy coaches to prefer Konami's football simulation, thanks also to the very important license of the UEFA Champions League.

The mode differs from that offered by EA in a few, but essential elements:

  • Packages replaced by the figure of agents / observers;
  • Absence of interchangeable modules at will, to do so you will have to buy the trainers;
  • There is no transfer market (a move aimed at avoiding the buying and selling of credits);
  • To make "Understanding" you have to play matches after matches, in fact being from the same nation, team or league will not be of any use, certain things are acquired on the pitch;
  • Konami is more magnanimous in donating credits, agents, etc. to the players

This little preamble is for all those who are not familiar with this mode, in case they decide to face the new PES 2019 without a safety net.

myClub 2019, preparation is everything ...

Like all times, it starts with the canonical guided steps that are needed by the players to return to the field well prepared.

It starts with the choice of the team name and the colors that your team will bring on the pitch (based on the real teams) with pride, after this step, it's up to the choice of the coach, in this case you will have to take into account only one element, the module, choose the one that best suits your style of play.

You can choose between:

  • Sabatini (4-2-3-1);
  • Aramburu (4-3-3) chosen by the undersigned (like every year);
  • Fischer (4-3-1-2);
  • Roldan (3-1-3-3).

The value under Management Skills means that your coach will be able to manage teams that do not exceed that value (obtainable by adding the cost of each player, including the benches, the higher the overall, the greater the cost of that player) .

You will have time to improve, so you will not start with absurd groups of phenomena, apart from a few strokes of luck.

Konami, to make you start with a smile and with a player who does not have square feet, will make you choose from a series of champions to be included in your new team, logically they are on loan, you can choose between great phenomena of world football, from Eden Hazard to Antoine Griezmann, passing through Henrikh Mkhitarian, Paulo Dybala and Gareth Bale.

Once you have made your choice, the game will show you the team with which you will start the adventure, apart from the player on loan, the quality of the owners will be definitively poor, let's put it so you would not even deploy them in the parish championship.

Here PES 2019 will introduce you to the functioning of the changes, of the training for the players and to the "Team spirit", the latter value is the mirror of the understanding between your players, the higher the value, the better the behavior of your players. men on the pitch.

"Sbusta" that passes you

The term undercutting is not suitable for the game, but you understand perfectly well what I mean ...

Now the game will make you use a special agent, with the certainty of finding a "golden ball" player, you can find from Andrea Barzagli to the legendary Xavi, passing between David Luiz, Arda Turan and "Danielino" De Rossi.

As soon as you are about to find out which player has the "tutorial" agent in store for you, you will immediately see that the old animation (slot type) has been replaced by one including the terrestrial globe and the colors of the nation of the league where the player currently plays. .

Found your first owned player and trust that it will be extremely useful, the game will introduce you to auctions, a novelty of a few editions ago, but which allows you to "sniper" the players you want, provided you have (a lot, but a lot ) patience.

New for 2019

Also in this edition there is no shortage of news, starting from the licenses of numerous championships, mostly semi-unknown, but the more the better.

As for the playability and other specifications, I recommend you read the review of our Riccardo Amalfitano, who played it thoroughly and with passion.

Going back to talking about myClub, a mode that alone supports the majority of PES online multiplayer, this year the daily challenges have been added, a series of cups that will require an ever-increasing skill of the player as well as teams of a certain caliber.

Now let's talk about the new legends, the latter type of players are those who have hung up their boots or gloves, but who have left an indelible mark in our hearts. Konami has announced that more will arrive during the year, but in the meantime, let's feast our eyes on these unique players (for the sake of brevity I will mention a few, others you can find here):

  • Diego Armando Maradona: The name is enough to brush up on Napoli's golden years of the Scudetto, despite the questionable behavior of the player off the pitch that led him away from the Neapolitan capital and the adoring crowds, the fact remains that "El Pibe de Oro ”Left his“ footprint ”in this game. It is useless to say that everyone wants him, but it will take a lot of luck to deploy him in his own 11 owner;
  • David Beckham: We are talking about the "beauty of football, he was the forerunner of player-models, even today with his 40s and years of fashion and style go by, just think of the billions of posts dedicated to the" Spice Boy "during the recent "Royal Wedding". Aside from fashion and entertainment, we remember David Beckham for the player he once was, his right fairy astounded millions of fans around the world. It should also be remembered that Beckham also made a few trips to Serie A, wearing the Diavoli Rossoneri shirt, leaving them some good memories too;
  • Ronaldinho Gaucho: Do ​​we need to say who he is? He was one of the greatest jugglers in Brazil in recent years, speed combined with imaginative and intoxicating dribbling led him to become a legend in law. Gaucho also passed through our fields, always with the Milan shirt;
  • Alessandro Del Piero: We miss you !!! Sorry for the desperate scream from football fans, but it's true, Alex Del Piero who now talks to birds to advertise water, has left an indelible mark in the hearts of Juventus fans and lovers of good football. In fact, "Pinturicchio" (name given to him by the lawyer Agnelli) was a true football artist, he was responsible for many of Juve's fortunes, despite the presence of other great champions such as Trezeguet and others. Today Italian football (at national level) is missing such a good and professional player, he followed his heart until the relegation of Juventus, congratulations.
  • Pavel Nedved: How can we forget the Czech midfielder former Lazio and Juventus, race, desire and malice were the characteristics that made him unique, find him and you will "fall in love" with him, he is the "factotum" of the midfield;
  • Paolo Maldini: Maldini was and still is the best defender in the world, son of Cesare Maldini, he has given a lot to Milan and the Italian national team. With him, Milan won cups after cups, unfortunately they did not enjoy the same luck in the national team, but I will never stop remembering the "Magic number 3". Thanks Paul;
  • Ruud Gullit: The younger ones won't know him, but Gullit with his iconic braids and thick mustache was part of the Dutch trio that made Sacchi's AC Milan win. In fact, together with Rijkard and Marco Van Basten aka “The Swan of Utrecht” they have won almost everywhere, against everything and everyone. If you find Gullit, your midfield will become an impenetrable wall and every corner will become a scoring opportunity;
  • Johan Cruijff: Call him "Prophet of Goal" or "Pele Bianco", Cruijff will forever be the genius of football par excellence, thanks to him the world has known "Total Football", will you be able to make him join the team?

Along with these greats there are other phenomena of undisputed skill, such as: Marcelo Salas, Ivan Zamorano, Cafù, Patrick Vieira, Bebeto, Lothar Matthaus, Roberto Carlos, Luis Figo, Romario, Oliver Khan and many others.

What can I say, PES 2019 with the myClub Mode has created a fun, satisfying and full of surprises experience, what do you think?

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