PES 2017, Konami focuses everything on Gameplay

The run-up to the rival continues.

After having lost a lot of ground, in the past generation of consoles, compared to the rival branded Electronic Arts, with the advent of the majestic FOX Engine, The series Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer seems to have recovered visibility and interest from users, trying in the last two years to fill the gap with respect to FIFA, an undisputed football title that has been on the crest of the wave for several years.

Now that the title can count on such a game engine (at least graphically, PES is unquestionably superior to its rival), Konami intends to focus on the thing that is most important for such a title, namely the gameplay, which appears to have been improved compared to in the past but which unfortunately continues to sin under various aspects.

As explained by the PR Steve Merret:

“We are focusing on the things we are good at right now. We have the MyClub mode, full of news, and the Master League, the mode most loved by fans that manages to give PES a depth of play that one would not expect from a title of this genre.

We have perfected a lot of things, such as transfers and we are always careful to implement new ideas in the title, but the thing that matters most to us is the improvements in terms of gameplay. Gameplay is the key, you buy a game to play it, and that's what we are dedicated to "

We just have to wait for a nice gameplay video that can show us the improvements made to the next Konami sports title.

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