List of the best Telegram Groups 2022

List of the best Telegram groups. Here is a selection of the best groups of the famous platform.

Telegram is a famous instant messaging app, completely free, which owes its success to its many features: cloud function, use from different devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs), secret chats with end-to-end encryption, creation of bots, ability to send any type of file up to 1,5 GB, groups and channels.

IT IS undoubtedly the best alternative to Whatsapp: given its versatility, this platform is suitable not only for private users, but also for freelancers or companies to carry out smart working.

Among the functions most appreciated by users we have undoubtedly the Telegram groups: real communities to share multimedia content and ideas with other people.

Among the advantages of telegram groups we have the opportunity to always be informed on the topics that interest us (each group has a topic usually indicated in the title) and to make friends with people who share our same passions.

Let's find out more about it.

How a Telegram group works

After unveiling you how Telegram works, let's see together how Telegram groups also work.

I groups on Telegram they stand out from those of other platforms for their versatility and for the tools they make available to users: first of all, a distinction must be made between groups, super groups and channels.

  • groups: collective chats in which up to 200 users can participate at the same time. Similarly to a classic single conversation, each user can send messages, files, voice notes, stickers and any other multimedia content allowed by the platform.
  • Supergroup: once the limit of 200 members is reached, the system automatically proposes the upgrade to the Telegram supergroup (which can host up to 100.000 members). In the latter, the administration of the group can be delegated to a bot, which will automatically enforce the regulation of the group and send the news in a pre-organized manner.
  • Channel: it is a group where only administrators can post content. Unlike a classic chat, therefore, it is a one-way communication channel, where users are limited to viewing messages.

How to find a group on Telegram

From the App:

  • Open the app on your device and use the field Search present at the top left (or tap the magnifying glass at the top right) to type the name of the group.
  • After identifying the group of your interest in the section Global search, click on it and choose Join the group.

From the website:

  • Open your default browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and connect to the website of Telegram.
  • Click on the groups menu at the top and select the category you prefer (Animals, Architecture, Art & Design, Cars and Motorcycles, Culture, etc.).
  • Once you've found the group that's right for you, just select Add to Telegram to access.

How to join a telegram group

Access to groups depends on the level of privacy set: in fact, there are public and private groups.

  • Public groups: anyone can register independently. Just click on the public entry link and there is no user entry control.
  • Private groups: you will only be able to join if added by the administrators or if you receive an invitation link.

Difference between Group and Telegram Bot

I am sure you have asked yourself at least once what it is difference between group and telegram bot: now I will try to clarify this dilemma.

The substantial difference between bots and Telegram groups lies in the interaction that the user has with them.

In the former, the interaction is completely controlled: the user can enter only the functional data to obtain the result for which the bot was created. For example, only the tracking number of the shipment can be entered into a parcel tracking bot.

In groups, on the other hand, users are by no means limited in their interactions and can freely debate, receive, share and comment on news relating to different areas.

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How to leave a group on Telegram

Leaving a Telegram group is pretty simple.

From the app:

  • Start the application and locate the group you want to leave.
  • Click on ngroup name and then tap on 3 dots present at the top right
  • Click on Delete and leave the group and then OK to confirm.

If you use iOS you have to click on the group icon located at the top right (instead of the 3 dots) and choose Delete and exit per due turn consecutive.

From the web:

  • Open the browser and connect to the website of the online version of Telegram.
  • After logging in, click on the name of the group you wish to leave.
  • From the Group Info screen, press on Delete next to your name.
  • Confirm the abandonment by pressing on OK.

Best Telegram groups

What are the delivery times? best Telegram groups? Creating a definitive and complete list is undoubtedly impossible but after having revealed the best Telegram channels, below I will point out some of the best Telegram groups to follow, divided by topic.

Groups dedicated to series and TV series

Cinemavillage: one of the best telegram groups for lovers of cinema and TV series.

Telefilmlovers: dedicated to fans of the world of TV series.

Netflixgroup: could be missing Netflix su Telegram? The perfect community to discuss the latest news of the famous streaming platform.

Groups dedicated to sport

Footballovers: the ideal choice for football lovers where you can discuss news, exchange opinions and get to know other guys.

Football market: here you can find all the news and rankings of Serie A, updated in real time.

Crazy for the gym: if the gym is your passion, you absolutely must join this community where you will find lots of tips on training and nutrition.

SnowboardeSci: dedicated to winter sports enthusiasts.

Groups dedicated to music and art

Music: one of the best telegram groups dedicated to the world of music, where

Tutt allergy: the first group dedicated to users who are passionate about classical music and opera.

Artistsquad: a community with many artists who want to share their designs.

Groups dedicated to technology

Android: offers the possibility to easily find out about the latest devices of the South Korean company, about the news of the platform, and to have easy access to a network of people ready to solve your doubts about the Android world.

Applenotizie: community for users who want to exchange information and advice on their devices with iOS technology.

WindowsITA: here you can participate in discussions regarding the best configurations and the resolution of any problems with the Microsoft operating system.

Groups dedicated to video games

VideogamesItaly: one of the best Telegram groups for videogame lovers, with advice and news related to this world.

Fifa: if you love EA sports games this is the right group for you.

Gamesgroup:  dedicated to Telegram online games.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

The channels are the ones with the megaphone icon on the right, you only have to click on the one you want to visualize.
When you have clicked on the set you want to enter, you must go to the bottom and click on the "join" button.

Open the Telegram application, either on your mobile or PC.
Tap on the search bar, located at the top of the application with a magnifying glass icon.
Type the name of the channel you want to access.
Now, it will display a series of profiles, channels and sets.
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How to leave a set in Telegram To leave a Telegram set, open the set and tap the 3 dots on the top right.
If you are the owner of the set, you will see the delete set option as well as the leave set option.

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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