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    Improve the quality of photo shoots of Android smartphones

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    The default software that we find on Android smartphones and tablets does not enhance the potential of the device's photographic lens. The criteria followed to take good pictures and not make a bad impression are two:
    I megapixel of the camera and some specific app for retouching.

    In reality, beyond these two criteria, there is another interesting aspect, namely that of Whatsapp that help improve the photo shooting quality of Android smartphones while you are doing it. These apps have some additional functions compared to the default smartphone app.

    An excellent free app that could enhance our shots is Ucam Ultra Camera. Using it we will immediately notice improvements in the resolution e sharpness of the shots also allowing us a certain margin of intervention quite wide. To go to the settings of Ucam Ultra Camera you have to access from the main shooting screen, the same from which we frame and shoot with tap onicon dentata.

    As improve the photo shooting quality of Android smartphones

    In the options that we will see we set the higher resolutionin Picture Settings, in value Super fine, we determine the quality of the photos. Stabilization avoid blurry photos by compensating for involuntary hand movements. Grid indicates a grid that divides the shot to be immortalized into sectors. Avoid unwanted inclinations. The straight line that crosses the frame must be made to coincide with one of the horizontal lines of the grid, in this way the human eye will have the sensation of a more proportionate image.

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