How to spy on Whatsapp from PC without phone

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Here how to spy on whatsapp from PC without phone through a simple keylogger that manages to capture WhatsApp conversations quickly and easily. Let's find out how hackers manage to act to find a way to find out how to spy on WhatsApp for free.

With the advent of Whatsapp Web, today you can use the world's most popular messaging app even on your computer.

Using Whatsapp through the browser is much more convenient both for writing messages with the keyboard and because you can read messages without being distracted.

After having revealed how to spy on WhatsApp conversations from smartphones, you need to know that an attacker wants spy on Whatsapp from PC without telephone usually uses a keylogger. It is a software that secretly records the activities carried out by the victim's computer. They are tools developed to allow a parent to monitor the activities of their children.

The most famous are: Spyrix Free Keylogger, Ardamax Keylogger e ActivTrak. The latter can be installed and used for free on 3 computers and allows you to remotely control the activities carried out on the PC.

How to spy on Whatsapp from PC

To access the victim's PC, the hacker goes to the site ActivTrak and register a free account using a valid email and choosing a password. At the end verify the email through the message received in his mailbox.

After registration, click on the button Download ActivTrack Agent and download the file to install the agent on the victim's PC.

This spy tool will run in the background on your PC and will record your activities without anyone noticing.

Once the agent is installed, the attacker can start spy on Whatsapp from PC without telephone connecting to the Internet from another PC via ActivTrak and logging in with your credentials.

ActivTrak it does not record the words typed on the keyboard but captures screenshots of what the user does on the computer in order to spy on Whatsapp messages quickly. The screenshot is taken every 20 seconds.

To customize the screenshots you can go to Screenshots/Configuration to make sure to take screenshots only when the user accesses Whatsapp Web.

After making the right configurations go to the section Screenshots to view screenshots of activities carried out on WhatsApp.

To conclude ActivTrak it is available in the Free version with 3GB of space. This free plan records a single screenshot every time a new window is clicked or a web page is changed. If you want to exceed these limits, you can choose one of the paid subscription plans available on the official website. You can record multiple screenshots and have multiple screenshots of the same screen.

Paid accounts start at $ 69 per month to monitor 10 seats. Larger organizations have to pay $ 249 per month to monitor 50 workstations.

You can unsubscribe from the monthly plan at any time while for the annual plan you can unsubscribe during the first 30 days. The latter is very similar to a 30-day free trial with unlimited SSD data storage, exports and so on.

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