How to save images from a pre-Office 2010 Word document

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A few days ago I came across a Word document received via email and created with a version prior to Office 2010. The need I had was to save the images contained in the file.

Since .doc files prior to Word 2010 (.docx), for example those of Office 1997-2003, do not allow you to save the images contained in them, with the simple button Save Image As, there is a way to extract every single image and save it:


We open the document with the images and click on Office button, let's go to the item Save with name and from the submenu we select Other Formats. In the dialog box that will open, choose from the list associated with File type Web Pages (* .htm; *. Html), let's position ourselves in Documents and confirm by clicking on Save.

Let's go to Documents and we will find a file in html or htm format and an associated folder having the same name as the file but with the addition of the wording “_file”. We open the folder and here we will find the images that were present in the Word document converted into a web page. 

It is true that there is the possibility of copying the image to the clipboard and pasting it into a graphic editor but it is of course an extra step and also to be done for each image contained in the document.

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