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You are looking for a solution to recover lost files, damaged or infected with viruses? Don't worry, do not despair in this article I will explain how recover lost or permanently deleted files.

Recover completely and quickly lost documents on PC, external hard drives and digital devices for formatting, virus infection, system crash or other unknown reasons is more and more difficult.

Choose the right tool for recover lost or permanently deleted files, such as photos, documents, videos, emails, audio is very important, also because the software that works for this purpose are very many. Among the many, the one that guarantees a certain and immediate recovery result is certainly Data Recovery Wizard Free area of EaseUS.

Available for free for Windows and Mac, Data Recovery Wizard Free it doesn't just restore deleted files, it succeeds to recover lost or damaged data due to accidentally formatted drives, crashed software or virus attacks. . It is also effective with damaged disks, corrupted and missing partitions, even when the file system is damaged. All this through three simple steps: Start the program, Scan your device, Preview and recover the files.


The software offers two types of progressive scans:

  • Fast scan to find the canceled documents
  • Profound scansione to find formatted or lost documents

The first step to use Data Recovery Wizard Free is to download the program from the official website, by pressing the green button "Download”To install the file drw_free.exe on your PC.

Once the installation is complete, you can select the type of document to be scanned from the formats present and classified into 6 categories: Graphics, Audio, Documents, Video, Email e Other, or select directly All types of files. Choosing a specific type of document will speed up the scanning process.

Once you have found where to start searching for data, such as desktop, Libraries, Hard Disk Drive, Hard Disk Drive Persi, start the scan by paying attention to the process bar which shows the recovery status.

In addition to the estimated time for closing the process you can stop the scan or pause through the buttons Stop e Pause.

This lightning-fast scan, it might though

  • fail to retrieve some documents
  • fail to open recovered documents

In this case another option called Deep Scan (the button is at the bottom left) which allows further recovery by analyzing sector by sector but in a much longer period of time. So you will have to arm yourself with patience.


At the end of the scan result the interface of Data Recovery Wizard Free has a list on the left Directory tree with path, file type and time. In the center, the documents and folders corresponding to the folder chosen from the left window. On the right an info of the selected document in the central window with option Preview.

Once you have located the file to be recovered, press the button Recover and then save the document to a different drive or device from where you lost the data.

Once the recovery process is complete you can click on Export Scan Status export the scan results, or with Import Scan Status, import the scan results to perform the recovery without retrying the recovery operation again.

Data Recovery Wizard Free is available for free for both Windows and Mac, but allows you to recover data up to 2GB and it has neither a free update nor free technical support. To take advantage of these features you can download for a fee, but with a license, Data Recovery Wizard Mac or for Windows :

  • Data Recovery Wizard Pro
  • Data Recovery Wizard Pro with Bootable, useful for data recovery when Windows cannot be started.
  • Data Recovery Wizard Technician, useful for recovering complex data for companies with numerous machines, data recovery service providers, system administrators, technicians and consultants, etc.

You can still learn more by taking a look at the Best Data Recovery Software area of EaseUS, you will discover ad hoc tools for recovering files from any device, including the software used to perform the data recovery process on external hard drives and USB sticks.

In this regard, here is a video tutorial to get more information on Free USB Recovery Software

In conclusion, both amateurs and experts will be able to try to perform the data recovery process independently by choosing from the EaseUS software the tool that they deem most suitable for their needs through a few simple steps.

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