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If you are looking for a way to record Skype calls then you should know that Microsoft's video calling software does not integrate this type of function. For record Skype calls you will have to rely on a third-party tool and bypass these limitations so that you can also save voice conversations to disk.

Read on to find out how to record skype calls.

The first step to take to record video calls is to install Skype for desktop from the following address, as Pamela Basic does not work with the universal app for Windows 8 or later. 

After doing that you can download and install Pamela Basic. It is a Call Recording Software, that is an application that allows you to record telephone calls made through VoIP clients. 

After connecting to the official page of Pamela Basic click on Basic, to get the free version, and then on the color button Download Now and wait for the download to complete. You should find yourself a file called PamelaSetup_Basic.exe. Press to start it and press sequentially OK, NEXT, Accept, NEXT, Install and finally again NEXT e end. At the end you will see a promotional message, click on No.

Start Skype and after logging in, click on Allow access. At this point when you make or receive a call, Pamela will ask you about you want record Skype calls, all you have to do is proceed with the registration by clicking on Si to accept. 

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