How to print documents and photos with Android

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Do you want print documents and photos with Android smartphones quickly and easily? A practical and effective solution, and above all easy to configure, is to take advantage of the service Google Cloud Print.

This way you can print both from the device with a printer that has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, or to a printer without Wi-Fi but connected to a computer connected to the Internet.

Before you start print documents and photos with Android you must first set up your account correctly Cloud Print, integrated into your Google account. It must be the same account you set up Android with and use with the Chrome browser on your PC.

Take five minutes of your time and read on to find out how to print documents and photos with android.

print with android, you can test it with an attachment to a Gmail email message. Search for an email with an attachment to print, tap the menu icon with the three dots, present in the message next to the one to reply. A list of options will open, tap on Print.

All the printing choices available to you will appear. If this is the first time you print from a smartphone, you will only see the options of exporting the file in PDF format or saving to your cloud space on Google Drive. Add the service.

From the print choices menu, tap All printers. To add a new printer to the list you have to tap the icon with the sign + top right. You have two options Cloud Print e Add service.

If you touch Add service the Play Store app will automatically open and you will be taken to Google Play where you will find a collection of apps to print via Wi-Fi. If you choose instead Cloud Print, the smartphone will detect nearby Wi-Fi printers.

The printing system you just added will appear in the list of available printers. Before proceeding with printing you can change the main settings: number of copies, choice of colors, orientation and so on.

How to set up Google Print on PC

If you want print documents and photos on PC through Google Print, you must launch the Chrome browser on the PC using the same Google account credentials, used to configure the mobile device.

Click on the icon with the three dashes at the top right and then click on Settings. Here you can set every detail of Internet browsing with Chrome. Scroll down the page and then click Show Advanced Settings.

To activate Google Print on PC you have to scroll the page again at the bottom, up to the item Google Cloud Print. Click on Manage. The list of connected printers will appear. The first time the list will be empty. Click Add Printers. You will see the list of printers connected to the PC. If you have installed software to create PDF files, they are detected by the PC as a printer.

Check the one you want to use and click on Add printers.

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