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Open a shop on the web today it's easy, fast and free. In this article I will reveal the best solution to take the road of online commerce through the use of platforms such as PrestaShop e Etsy and what are the tax obligations that it entails.

The main reason that has led to a boom in online shopping is definitely the savings. In this period of economic difficulty, e-commerce allows you to compare the various offers immediately, and at no cost, in order to choose the most convenient one. In addition, on the Web the shops are open 24 hours a day and this facilitates shopping at any time of the day.

How to open a shop on the web

Open an online store it does not require large amounts to invest also because platforms such as Prestashop and Etsy offer versatility and ease of use.

Prestashop, for example, offers over 310 functions to which a rich store of additional modules is added, to integrate applications for every type of need.This CMS supports more than 40 different languages ​​with an automatic email system that guarantees the management of its customers. In addition, various forms of payment can be integrated securely.

Prestashop also allows you to manage every aspect of the warehouse, such as customer registration and the order list. The module system offers the user the possibility to add new functions to the site even if they do not have technical skills.

However, those who want to open an online business must not only create a website, but consider the administrative and tax obligations. Let's see what they are:

  • Open the VAT number - for those who want to open an e-commerce site, opening a VAT number is mandatory.
  • Registration at the Chamber of Commerce - registration with the Chamber of Commerce and the Register of Companies is mandatory. After registering with the Chamber of Commerce, it is also necessary to register with the Business Register within 30 days from the start of the activity by sending the Single Communication electronically.
  • Registration with INPS and INAIL.

To sell in Europe you will need to subscribe to the VIES (VAT Information Exchange System). Finally, you will have to communicate the opening of the site to the municipality of residence by presenting it SHAH (Certified Notification of Commencement of Activities) at the Single Desk for Productive Activities (SUAP).

To learn more, take a look at: What are the tax obligations for an online store.

How to open an online store with PrestaShop

The first step for open a shop on the web is to create a web space for you. To get started you can contact AlterVista, it is a hosting that offers third level domains for free, for example

With AlterVista you can create a website quickly and without computer knowledge and above all without having to buy a second level domain. To create a site with AlterVista connected to its official website and click on the button Create Site.

On the next page click on Continue and choose the new web address and then enter your personal data or log in from Facebook. At the end accept the terms and conditions and decide whether or not to give consent to Newsletter and Marketing, then click on Continue and follow the required directions.

At the end of the registration, you will receive an email from AlterVista with username and password to access and a link to click for activation. After clicking on the link you will receive a second email with the link to your new blog and login details. AlterVista works with WordPress, you can start with an easy-to-customize and optimized graphic theme for mobile devices, and take advantage of a large gallery of professional themes to choose yours from.

Once you have completed hosting with a domain name, you can download the free software PrestaShop on your PC by connecting to the official website. Enter a valid email, select the reason for use in a short description, and download the software. Unpack the archive and use the FileZilla client to copy the files to your web space.

In the browser, type the domain of your site and choose the Spanish language from the drop-down menu, then click on Following. Accept the license conditions of the CMS and check the box I accept the terms and conditions of these agreements, and then click on Following.

The third page checks all server parameters on your host. If no errors are found you will be directly redirected to the fourth page. If, on the other hand, there are errors, after having solved them click on Update.

On the fourth page you have to write the name of your shop, choose a category and select the country. Enter your personal data in the section Your account: Name, Surname, e-mail and Password that you will use to log into the shop settings.

Fill in all the information concerning your database, such as username and password received by e-mail. At the end, check the connection to the DB by clicking on Check your database connection now.

Once the PrestaShop installation is complete, delete the folder Install through FileZilla and rename the folder admin in admin123. You will need this folder with the site URL to access the administrator panel. For instance:

Setting up the PrestaShop showcase

To set up a showcase with PrestaShop you need to choose a template and configure a payment method, here's how:

  • Choice of language - to manage the installed languages ​​go to Localization / Languages. Click on Si to disable the selected language; to enable it use the button No. It is possible to install and activate many languages ​​and translate the content for all activated languages.
  • Custom theme - you can customize some aspects of the chosen theme and how the graphic logo must appear in various situations or in the case of access via mobile. This can be done from the menu Temi within the section Settings.
  • Create the pages - the default pages have a predefined content that can be changed by accessing the menu Pref Renze and clicking on the page CMS. From here you can choose the page to edit or create.
  • Payment methods - in PrestaShop there are many payment modules already available by default. We can install and configure them by accessing the page Forms in the category Payments and Gateways.

How to enter the products to sell in the PrestaShop catalog

After configuring the store in its appearance and functionality, you can proceed with the insertion of the products in the catalog. All items you intend to sell must have a virtual counterpart in your store. Each product must be accompanied by a description, price and several images. This will draw the attention of buyers to the product that will be part of a sub-category or category of products that have common characteristics. The division into categories allows the virtual customer to view other similar products as well.

To manage categories you must first create a new category. Log inthen to the menu Catalog choosing the item Categories and click on the green button at the top Add a new category.

Click on Catalogue. Insert a new article by clicking on the green button at the top right Add a new product and fill out the different forms, including the description and the insertion of the images.

Another important element is the management of attributes. Add an attribute (model, color, size…) by clicking on the link Product attributes from the menu Catalog.

Finally, at the top right of the page, choose Add new attribute.

How to open an online shop with Etsy

Etsy is another solid, well-known and highly regarded online service where artisans can open a virtual shop and sell their products. To use Etsy it is very simple and does not require great computer skills. Requires an account and information on what you are selling.

The first step to upload product photos and start selling on Etsy is to link to its official website. The site is all in Spanish. To start signing up, choose Sell ​​your Etsy and then Apri il tuo negotiated his Etsy.

You can create the account with username and password or log in with Facebook e Google.

Once this is done, establish the shop language and currency. Indicates the Spanish language also providing the possibility of adding English later to have more possibilities abroad.

Then indicate the name choosing it carefully and checking its availability. Finally click on Save.

To create your first ad you need to click on add a photo and load an image from your hard drive. You can add up to five photos.

Scroll down the page and indicate the title, that is the product name category and price. You can also enter a Description accurate product.

Enter the shipping costs and processing times. To get an idea of ​​the costs you can visit the website of Spanish Post in the Ordinary Parcel section.

Before proceeding, look at the preview of the finished ad and then click on Save and continue to enter the payment and billing details you want to use.

How much does Etsy cost?

Etsy has very low starting costs. Account creation is completely free and the service does not require a monthly subscription. To activate your shop, you need to create an ad and sell a product. Each listing costs € 0,19 and the site recommends starting with 10, for a total of less than € 2,00. The real cost is in the percentage that the Etsy service retains on each transaction: we are talking about 3,5%. To this must be added an additional 4% plus a fee of € 0,30 for the management of payments. 

Etsy guarantees maximum security and allows you to accept payments by credit card, PayPal, Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

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