How to get around the double blue check on WhatsApp with Android, iOS and Windows Phone

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Do you want to bypass the double blue check on WhatsApp? Read this post and you will understand how.

A few hours have passed since the inclusion of the double blue check and already users are desperate for the loss of one's privacy. The introduction of the double blue check, which allows you to know if the messages sent on WhatsApp have really been read by the recipient, it can be circumvented with a simple trick.

We see like bypass the double blue check mark on WhatsApp:

Both iPhones and smartphones with Android and Windows Phone operating systems have the flight mode (offline mode) which allows you to turn off cellular network, Wi-Fi, FM radio, Bluetooth in your phone at the same time. After receiving a message via WhatsApp, all you have to do is select the Airplane mode (activating it) before logging into the chat and reading it.

After reading it and exiting WhatsApp, simply deactivate the Airplane mode to reactivate all the features of your smartphone.

Like this the one who sent you the message he will not be able to know that you have read it, because the double check on his WhatsApp will remain gray.

  • Airplane mode on iPhone can be found in the quick menu and has the airplane symbol or Settings> Airplane use (to be activated)
  • Airplane mode on Android (Samsung Galaxy) can be found in Settings> Other Settings> Offline Mode (check)
  • Airplane mode on Windows Phone is present in the quick menu and has the airplane symbol.

However, another untested solution (considered a bug on Whatsapp) is that of insert the widget on the home page to use it in reading the messages you receive. This way the sender will never know if the message has been read.

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