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With the coronavirus pandemic spain has become increasingly digitized and witnessed the acceleration of the uptake of online services. In fact, in 2020 there was a sharp increase in smart working, the streaming and distance teaching.

Public bodies have also resorted to telematic services, with the activation of the pagoPA system for i pagamenti online, while with the boom of electronic commerce, 40 million Spaniards buy on the internet regularly.

A more connected life, however, requires more efficient and faster network services that do not impact too much on family expenses. For this reason it is important to sign aaffordable home internet offer, choosing a promotion that suits your needs. Finding the most interesting proposals is not easy, given the many solutions available on the market today, so it is essential to turn to professionals who can provide adequate support.

The easiest way to discover home internet offers is to rely on portals such as Better This, a digital consulting platform specializing in helping users find all the most convenient services they need.

All the more advantageous promotions of the moment, selected among the most convenient offers of the operators. Furthermore, it is possible compare internet offers for the home, check coverage in your area and find lots of guides to help you save.

How to choose the most suitable internet connection?

Nowadays, you can find two main services for internet connection, ADSL and optical fiber. L'ADSL it is traditional technology, the one that uses the old copper telephone cables for network services.

The main advantage of this system is thebroad coverage, in fact, it is available throughout the country, even in the most remote areas. Where fiber is not present it is a valid alternative, especially if you do not need particularly high performance for high definition streaming and gaming.

The internet connections in optical fiber offer superior performance, especially the FTTH technologies new generation, with the network made entirely of fiber up to the entrance to the home.

In this case the download and upload speed arrives up to 1 Gbps, an excellent performance guaranteed by connecting the devices with the Ethernet cable. To improve the Wi-Fi signal throughout the house you can use wireless repeaters, in this way, even without a connection to the cable, the navigation speed is always high.

Some operators also offer mixed connections with the fiber and copper line, such as the FTTC and FTTB, which are undoubtedly a good alternative if the 100% fiber connection is not available in your area.

How to save on your home internet subscription

To spend less on home networking services, as well as making use of digital consulting platforms, it is important know what performance you need, in fact it is not said that an ultra-fast connection is needed.

Some digital services require higher performance, such as HD streaming, 3D video games or video editing, for others a good internet connection is enough. In addition, it is always possible to reduce the video quality of the images, to improve the playback speed even without a powerful network service.

Not to be underestimated are the more articulated offers, for example promotions that offer discounts on other services, or packages that also include subscriptions to platforms or discounted energy utilities.

Sometimes it is possible to combine the internet connection in the house with the supply of electricity and gas, or with an included mobile internet subscription, a solution that often saves you money compared to purchasing the services separately.

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