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    How to find out the WiFi password of others

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    A quick and easy guide on how to find out the Wifi password of others. With an app, hackers can retrieve the access keys of wireless networks and consequently to steal the WiFi password. Here's how they do it.

    The Wi-Fi routers provided by the providers have the WPA keys (for wireless connection) default. Such Password is obtained with particular algorithms starting fromSSID, that is the name used to identify the network (for example Alice-12345). These algorithms were discovered by pirates who thus created ad hoc applications capable of calculating Wi-Fi passwords in seconds.

    Warning: just to remind you that tracing the password of your network and measuring its effectiveness is a legal practice, in reverse discovering the Wifi password of others constitutes an invasion of privacy and is considered crime. For this reason, we assume no responsibility for the use you make of the information in this guide.

    How to find out other people's passwords

    WPA Tester, even if it was created for test purposes, it falls within this type of app: with a tap it performs an automatic scan of the networks present in the vicinity, showing the possible WPA keys and discovering the WiFi password of others.

    The disconcerting fact is that the list of supported routers is really well fed (Alice, Fastweb, Infostrada, TeleTu, Vodafone…); so if the router is one of the series whose algorithm is known, that's it.

    By connecting to our Wi-Fi network, in fact, the pirate will be able to carry out his misdeeds by unloading the responsibility on us. always change the default WPA key of the router with one of your choice (do it by accessing the router's control panel with your browser).

    How to download WPA Tester to steal WiFi passwords

    To download WPA Tester on Android mobile device and monitor the security of your password, you have to go on this site and download WpaTester.apk and transfer it to the smartphone memory. With the file manager of the device, navigate to the path in which theAPK and open it with a tap. Confirm the installation with Install and then click on end.

    Launch the app and tap on it Continue. The Wi-Fi interface is activated and nearby available networks and possible passwords will be revealed. Select your network and wait a few seconds to see if the password will be displayed.

    You will also be able to perform a scan Manual choosing the operator, obviously you will have to enter the SSID.

    If WPA Tester does not reveal your password, it means that you are well protected from possible intrusions.

    These tutorials on How to find WiFi passwords and How to tell if your router is infected may also come in handy.

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