How to download videos from Facebook even if offline

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After seeing how download videos and music from Youtube let's see how to download videos from the most popular social network in the world.

One of the main features of Facebook is the ease of sharing images and videos. If we like an image and want to view or download it, just view it in the browser and save it with the right mouse button.

With the videohowever, this is not possible. In this regard, the Browsers help us: Internet Explorer saves everything displayed on web pages, including movies, in temporary internet files. In this folder there are also videos and can be recovered and copied to a folder on the hard disk. To find the movie we are interested in, just locate all the video files stored in the folder and delete the old files in order to facilitate the search.

But let's see in detail how to do it:

Download Facebook videos with Internet Explorer

We initiate Internet Explorer we click on Instruments and select options Internet. From the card General click on the button DeleteUnder the heading Chronology Explorations. We just tick the item Fillet Termporanei Internet and complete by clicking on Delete. This will delete all temporary internet files stored by the browser.

Now let's go to our Facebook page and find the video we want to download. Click on it to start playing it. Let's see it to the end. Go to Instruments and click on options Internet. From the card General, we press the button Settings, present in Chronology explorations. Then click on Show fillet: a window opens Explore resources pointed to the folder containing the temporary internet files. Here are the cookies (which we have not deleted) plus the browsing files.

On the window bar is the entry Dimension. Click on: the files will be sorted according to their size. Let's make sure the bigger one is at the top of the list. This should be useful for locating the file corresponding to the video we just saw on Facebook. Let's copy it to another folder and rename it. It is now safe in our PC.

Download Facebook videos with Mozilla Firefox

If, on the other hand, we have Mozilla Firefox to save videos from Facebook we need the SpeedBit Video Downloader add-on. Let's download it from the site by clicking on the button Download & Install. After finishing the download, click on the file svd2_brox.exe to start the installation. We follow the whole wizard. At the welcome step, we deselect all the options that we do not need and continue until the end of the steps by pressing Next. After the installation, we restart the Firefox browser to make the new component active.

Upon restart, at the top of the browser there will be the bar SpeedBit. We go to our Facebook page and look for the video to download. Click on it to start playing it. As soon as we do this the button starts flashing on the bar Download video: click on it to download the video.

The window that opens allows us to name the video and choose the folder in which to save it. We reward Save and we wait for the download to complete. Now we can go to the folder where we saved the video and comfortably review the video.

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