How to download free music from the best online streaming platforms

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Download free music from the best online streaming platforms today it is possible. Through a series of strategies the geek manages to create a remarkable collection of defend MP3 even downloading entire albums.

If in the past there were few sites where music could be downloaded and listened to upon purchase, today there are many streaming services available that allow free online listening of songs in exchange for viewing commercials or banners.

How to download free music from the best online streaming platforms

Listening to music from these platforms is legal, while it is not song download which in addition to being inhibited is considered illegal because it does not fall within the terms of the agreement stipulated with the user at the time of registration.

This is not true for geeks who, through a series of strategies, are able to download free online music in MP3 format from the most famous streaming services like Deezer, Spotity, Xbox Music, Grooveshark and many others. Here's how they do it.

Free download of songs from Grooveshark

Grooveshark is a community that allows users to share and stream music.

To download all the music available on this platform connect to and install SciLor’s Downloader. In a few seconds you will be able to find the music you are interested in thanks to the search field. After clicking on the button Search, on the left you will see a list of songs that can be sorted by Artist, Title, Album, Year and Duration.

From this list, you can select your favorite songs by placing the check mark in the box Charge and finally click Add to Download Queue. All the selected songs will be ready to be transferred to your hard disk in MP3 format after clicking on Download.

Free download of songs from Songr - text to MP3

If you don't remember the title of a song but you know part of the lyrics, you can resort to Songr. After downloading it from, and installed in the system, you have to select the menu File/Setting and click on the tab Search Engine to choose the search engines to use. Then inspect the board Search and select Preferred mp3 quality to set the quality of the songs to download, choosing between 128, 192 e 256 kbps and confirm with Ok to return to the initial screen.

From here click on the button Search by lyrics: inside the box Type some word type at least three words of the song whose title you do not remember and confirm by clicking on Search.

At the end of the search in the upper half of the window, you will find the songs matching the criteria entered. Double-click on the alleged title to start a further search. The results appear after a few seconds in the lower part of the window where in addition to the title, for each song listed, the duration, bitrate, file size and Score are shown (indicates the availability of the song). Once you have chosen which one to download, click with the right button and choose Download

Free download of entire albums on PC and mobile devices

To download entire albums go to the site and download the version of Mediadrug suitable for your operating system. Start it and customize the settings by clicking on Options at the top right and check the box Download Songs and confirm with Ok. Go back to the home page and type in the search field the name of the singer or band and on Search.

After a few seconds you will see the required results appear. If the artist name is what you are looking for, view all the songs in the albums to download by clicking on the icon download for free preceding the title. At the end of the download click on Play to listen to what you downloaded.

Download free music without Premium account e without commercials it is also possible on Spotify, the solution is called SpotydlDownload it This Page. For further information take a look at this post: How to download free music from Spotify.

MP3 in HD and without advertising

Services like Deezer, Xbox Music e Spotify, offer the online use of any musical content even to users with free accounts who are forced to listen to short advertisements broadcast approximately every two or three songs.

The presence of these commercials is easily evaded through specific software such as Wondershare streaming Audio recorder whose trial version, working for 7 days, can be downloaded from the site

Start the program and click on the button registration present on the main screen, then point the browser to your favorite music streaming site and start playing the playlist.

Once all the tracks have been played, stop recording in Wondershare S.A.R. clicking on the same button used to record. With a click on Library it displays the list of the tracks just acquired and for each of them click on the relative icon Identify in order to obtain: title, artist, cover and other information as ID3 tags. To filter the commercials click on Remove Ads, present in the lower bar of the program, then set the Filter su Less than 40s in order to remove traces lasting less than 40 seconds and confirm with remove.

Free songs found with Google

Among the contents indexed by Search engine, many of these are also MP3 files, which however often do not appear following a common Google search. To find them you need to use an application called Google Hacks downloadable from

Launching the setup deselects the component Widtt and then click on Next to choose the option on the next page I do not accept and continue the installation. At the end, start the application to set the search options ad hoc, in the section Type select Music while in File Type leave the check mark on .mp3. In the appropriate text field, type the name of your favorite singer or the title of the album and click on Search: the browser starts up with the Google results perfectly in tune with what is requested.

Yes video and MP3

Bring them like YouTube, Dailymotion, MegaVideo, Vimeo and the like are great sources to tap into to download new music. To extract the music from the videos of these platforms, you need to open the browser and connect to the page that contains the video of the song. Click on address bar to highlight the URL and right click Copy.

Then point the browser on and click on the text field Enter Video URL below, positioned in the center of the page, and with the right mouse button click on the command Paste to enter the URL of the video to be transformed into an audio file. Click on Download and after a few seconds you will find the link of your MP3 file ready to be downloaded.

Portals where you can legally download music

The Net offers numerous sites where downloading is not always illegal, indeed, there are portals that often represent a meeting point between independent artists and the potential audience of their music. Among the most popular sites belonging to this genre we have: Jamendo which boasts an archive of over 435 thousand songs published with license Creative Commons or Free Art License, which allows free download but for personal use.

To browse in Jamendo there is no need to register and to find a song just click on the field Search and select the Gender, the instruments or l 'Mood, so you can find the songs that suit your tastes. Each titled track features two icons that allow you to play the song or download it in MP3.

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