How to download and record the videos broadcast on the RAI website

You want to record the videos broadcast on the RAI website but you don't know how to do it? First you will need to download the videos on the RAI site.

Lo streaming of RAI channels does not come with Flash but with Silverlight (developed by Microsoft). The problem with Silverlight is that it's not that easy to download and record streams.

To more than one, however, it can be useful download a video on the RAI site and then publish it on your own site or on your YouTube account.

In this regard, some script which can be run on Firefox with the addon GreaseMonkey and on Chrome with TamperMonkey. For example the Greasy Fork. The problem is that these scripts are not always updated and therefore often fail. The best solution is to look up the stream address yourself.

In Chrome we open the streaming page of a fiction on the RAI website e we display the source of the page (CTRL+U on all browsers) and with CTRL + F, let's look for an address starting with that contains the word relinker.

For example this:

After identifying it, let's copy the address, let's open VLC and we choose File / Open Network Stream and paste the address itself into the box. In this way VLC will open the pasted video stream and we can comfortably watch it and at this point record it with the function Record of VLC (if not visible, we enable the advanced commands).

If the link pasted in VLC returns the following error: "the entrance cannot be opened vlc is not able to open the mrl ", we have two possibilities:

  • Da Control Panel System and Security Windows Firewall Programs allowed check that VLC Media Player is among the allowed programs and features and then checked. In this regard, watch this video VLC is unable to open the mrl.
  • From the menu Help of VLC check if there is a new version of the software by clicking on Check the updates, and after installing it the problem should be solved.
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