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In this tutorial on how to cut a sound on TikTok we will see how to delete parts of a song from a video on TikTok using an Android or iOS mobile device.

TikTok allows users to record video with music considering the time limit for making the video is one minute. There are very few songs on the market that last one minute, this involves the need to cut songs on TikTok according to the user's needs. Cutting music or cutting songs on TikTok means cutting the melody only for those parts that interest you most.

That's why we wanted to show you all the steps to follow on how to cut a sound on TikTok quickly and painlessly.

Practical guide to cutting sounds on TikTok

There are two ways to cut a song on TikTok that you can apply at different times. Before starting to record a video or after recording a video.

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How to cut a sound on TikTok before making a video

If you have installed TikTok on your smartphone after starting it on an Android or iPhone smartphone (it is a white musical note on a black background) you must tap on the + button, down.

Select the song you want to add to your video by pressing on Add sound, up. Type in the search bar, the name of the song or examine the categories proposed by the app: Discover e Add to Wishlist.

Once located, tap on the song you are interested in to preview it and then tap the check mark twice to upload it to your new video.

If it has set a 15 second video and the loaded song is 30 seconds long, you can safely cut it by selecting themusic note icon with scissors with the wording Size, in the list on the right.

On the next screen you will see, at the bottom of the screen, a then form representing the added music.

Drag the waveform with your finger to adjust the sound and shorten the song. At the end tap the red check mark to confirm.

The length of the song will be updated and the song will have a new starting point.

Start video recording. After completing it press the button Stop (the square icon) and then on the check mark to confirm. NEXT and finally on the button Public.

How to cut a sound on TikTok after making the video

The other way to cut audio on TikTok is to tap on + button, at the bottom, on the main screen of the app and start recording a video, by pressing the round red button.

To complete the video, click on Stop and then on the rounded button with the checkmark.

On the next screen, at the bottom left, press on Sounds (music note icon) and select one of the recommended or favorite songs.

Then press on scissors symbol and drag your finger to adjust the sound and decide where to start it.

When done, go back and hit the button NEXT and then Public to share the result with your followers on TikTok.

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