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You are perhaps looking for how to create free android apps without coding? Here is a guide on how to create apps for Google's mobile operating system.

Do you want create your first app in Android but you don't know how to program? Do you have a website and want to increase its visibility by creating a mobile app? You must know that today to develop an app there is no need to write code or go crazy with development bugs by wasting what little free time you have available. If you want create free Android app without writing code you can use the service Androme.

It is a free tool that allows you to easily create a complete app in a few steps. Thanks to Andromo you can develop a real Android app without spending a euro. The service is free in the basic version, in the sense that the only limitation is that it is not possible to create more than one application.

There is also a paid version, which allows you to extend the functionality of the apps developed, generally allowing a profit with the inclusion of advertising banners and push notification services.

Let's say that if you are inexperienced, the free basic mode is just fine. All you need to do for create free Android app without writing code, is to connect to the Andromo official website and click on the Sign Up button, located on the top menu bar, to create a free account.

How to create an account on Andromo

Fill out the form to complete the registration phase and click on Create My Free Andromo Account. Access your mailbox and click on the button Confirm my Account contained in the message received by Andromo.

You will be redirected to the official website, where you can enter your login details and click on Sign In, to access your user panel.

How to create free android apps

Click on the green button in the box Create a New App and give the project a name, for example Soultricks and click on Create.

After a few moments a new project will be generated and you will be redirected to the app control panel again.

In the tab App Info, you must indicate the main information of the app and choose the sector category from the list Category also loading theicon of place in PNG format (from 192 × 192 pixels). Click on Save Changes to confirm everything.

From the top menu click on Syles to decide the colors of the whole app. Click on the code # Ffffff in the section Backgrounds and choose the desired background color. Repeat for the other items. Also choose the theme and appearance of the app's top bar (Action bar). Continue with Save Changes.

Move to the section Dashboard and via the menu Dashboard Type decide the template to use in the app home. You can choose a theme, using the examples as a reference, or click Choose fillet in the section background image to load a background image. Save your changes.

To work on advanced services and more you need to go to the section Activities, ie the functionalities that can be implemented in the app. Click on Add an Activity and from the list select the desired functionality. In sections Services e MonetizazionInstead, you can configure paid services by inserting advertising banners, such as Google Adsense, or implement a hit counter like Google Analytics.

Andromo's Activities

Before generating the .apk file to install on your smartphone, you must indicate at least one feature that you can choose from Activities > Add an Activity. All activities have a section Settings, where you need to fill in the Activity fields.

Here are some of the features found in the Activity at Andromo:

  • About, to give information about who we are
  • Contacts, to allow users to contact us
  • Newsletter,
  • Audio Player,
  • Online Catalog
  • Collection of games
  • Road or geographical indications
  • Web radio
  • Image gallery

How to download the Android app on smartphone

In the Build click on Build my app to receive an email with a . Apk. Connect to the email box from the smartphone browser and click on Download Now. You can install the app to test it by activating the feature, however Unknown origins.

From settings go to Security> Origins Unknown (or Unknown sources) and put a tick to allow the installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store.

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