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With Android it is possible to revive our old PC in a tablet. To do this you need one USB stick with Android x86 for a few euros

Android is, in fact, a good middle ground between a system Windows and a system GNU / Linux.

The existence of the project of porting of Android to x86 processors allows you to start the robot's operating system on our PCs, even from a USB key.

Using a bootable pendrive with Android on a PC is an idea of Keepod project. The pendrive Keepod, that they cost 5 euros, contain the ready-to-use Android operating system, with the most useful apps already installed and pre-configured. 

The purchase of a Keepod pendrive includes the shipment of another pendrive to third world countries, allowing the inhabitants of less developed countries to access information technology.

But if we wanted to create one ourselves USB stick with Android x86? Let's see how it's done.

How to create a USB stick with Android x86

To begin with, it is necessary download the android DVD image, compiled for processors x86. The site is On the page that opens, we choose among the many published versions, the most recent one, the 4.4-RC2 by clicking on the link View.


Then you have to download UNetbootin. Once started the software allows us to write the Android ISO on the USB pen drive connected to the computer. We select the disk image downloaded in step 1, set the unit of the pendrive and click on OK. We await the completion of the procedure.

We insert the pendrive in the USB port of the computer that we want to start with Android and turn it on. To boot from USB you need to press on your computer keyboard ESCthe F2, F10, F11 o F12 (depends on the BIOS installed in the PC). Once you find the right button, a screen will appear that suggests Android boot options, let's choose the first one: Live CD.

It may take some time for the system to load the initial setup screen. The first setting to choose is system language. After choosing the language English we continue by pressing the arrow.

Let's create a Google account, as required by all Android devices. If we don't have one, click on No, an automatic procedure will guide us to register the Google account. But if we have one and we clicked on Yes, we will have to specify username and password. The suffix @ is added automatically.

After configuring the current time in our country, an Android system is started, which will present itself with a application menu which contains the Whatsapp installed. At the first start some pop-ups will appear to help us understand how the system works and where the useful things are.

The pre-installed apps are not many so if we want to install others we can find them or in the Play Store or search for files APK (they must of course run on x86 system).

The cross-platform apps that will necessarily need to be installed are:

  • Play Store (the Google market for installing new apps);
  • Drive (online storage and office suites);
  • Camera (for the use of the webcam), Maps (road navigator based on Google Maps);
  • Settings (control panel to set anything, including Wi-Fi network configuration).
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