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Have you inadvertently set a default browser on your smartphone and don't know how to change it anymore? You don't want to have Internet Explorer as your default browser and would like to restore the initial situation so that you can choose another browser such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? Well, read on and I'll reveal to you how to change default browser on android and iPhone smartphones.

The choice of the browser on an Android smartphone or tablet usually occurs when, by clicking on a link you received via e-mail or on WhatsApp, you are asked to complete the action using one of the proposed browsers, where you can tap on the button Everlasting, if you want to set a default, or Just this once, if you want to postpone the choice later.

Let's say that by setting a default browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox o Chrome, in case of internet pages that open themselves on your mobile device you may have a big problem. In case of redirects and spam on your smartphone it would become very annoying.

change default browser on android smartphone you have to go up Settings> General> Application Management> All (s).

remove Internet Explorer as the default browser on Android smartphones, locate the item Internet and, after tapping on it, scroll down and press the button Delete Presets.

remove Mozilla Firefox as default on Android smartphone, locate the item Firefox and, after tapping on it, scroll down and press the button Delete Presets.

remove Chrome as default browser on Android smartphone, locate the item Chrome and, after tapping on it, scroll down and press the button Delete Presets.

At the end of the operation the button Delete Presets it will no longer be active and you will notice the following text: "No default value set". 

The next time you click on a link you will again be prompted to choose which browser to use with the usual options "Everlasting"Or"Just this once".

For iPhone, to change the default browser on the iPhone, Apple does not allow you to set a third-party browser as a default through the iOS settings. To allow this, and therefore replace the default Safari browser, you will need to run the jailbreak of your mobile device (Browser Changer); in this regard, take a look at: How to Jailbreak iOS 9

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