How to cancel Disney +: procedure, forms and costs

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Come disdirect Disney+. Here is the procedure to follow to cancel the Disney Plus Service.

After explaining how Disney + works, here are all the steps you will need to take to cancel during your current billing period or at the end of your free trial.

Come disdirect Disney+

Any user who has signed up for a subscription can cancel Disney + at any time before the end of the current billing period or free trial. In fact, it is possible to exercise your right of withdrawal provided for by law within 14 days from the day of acceptance by sending the following text by registered letter or email.

To be sent for the attention of:
The Walt Disney Company (Benelux) BV
Passage 144, 1101 AX Amsterdam
The Netherlands
VAT NL0079.59.928.B.01
by registered letter with return receipt, or by email to

Subject: Withdrawal of the subscription contract number: ___________ stipulated on_______________

The undersigned [name and surname] [tax code] ID document [type of document] [number] of which a photocopy is attached, as holder of the subscription contract indicated in the subject, aware of the civil and criminal penalties provided for by art .76, Presidential Decree 445/2000 in the event of false declarations and the forfeiture of any benefits resulting from the provision issued on the basis of untrue declarations pursuant to art. 75, Presidential Decree 445/2000 and given that 14 calendar days have not yet elapsed from the signing of the remote contract and that I have not started streaming or downloading content from the Disney + service.


The will to withdraw from the subscription contract in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code and pursuant to art. 2 c. of the Disney + General Terms and Conditions. I am aware that the refund will take place on the same account indicated by me in the subscription.

Place and date
ALL: identity document

The cancellation will become effective at the end of the current billing period or free trial. To cancel, all you have to do is go to the unsubscribe page and click on Cancellation.

If the subscription was made through a third party (Google Play, Amazon Store, etc.) you will need to visit the Help Center for cancellation instructions.

The cancellation will take effect at the end of the billing period or at the end of the trial period. Until that time, you may continue to use the content of the Disney + Service.

There are no refunds in cases of partial use during the billing period.

Disney + Terms Change

In the event of a change in the Conditions (for example subscription prices) communicated 30 days in advance by email to all subscribers, the user can decide to withdraw from the subscription to the Disney + Service and not accept the conditions.

The withdrawal must take place before the variation communicated. As of the withdrawal date, you will no longer have access to Disney + content and will receive a refund of an amount determined in proportion to the time period between the withdrawal date and the end of the billing period.

In the case of a subscription at a discounted price, a refund calculation will be made based on the amount of the discount.

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