How to uninstall Tor browser

Have you read my guide on how to enter the dark web and download the Tor browser? Then I'm sure you are wondering how to uninstall Tor browser from your computer.

After downloading and installing the torbrowser-install-win64-x.x.x_it.exe if you have a Windows operating system, it is normal that you tend to go to the section to uninstall Tor Installation Applications to locate the package to delete.

Actually uninstalling the Tor browser from your system is very simple. Let's see how to do it on various operating systems.

How to uninstall Tor browser on Windows

If you own Windows you have to:

  1. Locate the Tor Browser folder or application. It is usually up desktop.
  2. Delete the Tor Browser folder or application.
  3. Empty the trash.

How to uninstall Tor browser on macOS

If you have an operating system MacOS you have to:

Locate the Tor Browser application. It is usually in the folder Applications.

Move the application Tor Browser in the trash on your Mac.

Go to the folder ~ / Library / Application Support / (if you have installed Tor Browser in the Applications folder).

To navigate in this folder with Finder, you need to select Go to the folder, in the menu vai. Note that the Libray in newer versions of macOS it is hidden.

To type ~ / Library / Application Support / I awarded her vai.

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