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Web browsing and privacy are two elements that fail to get along. Fortunately, there are safe ways to explore the Net anonymously since finding out who we are, what sites we visit and what our habits are for both large multinationals and malicious data that are easily available.

Therefore? It is possible to defend yourself from all this by putting into practice some precautions that I am about to tell you, so all you have to do is continue reading to find out how to surf the web without being seen.

By making normal use of the Web with the usual common search operations, email downloads, social networks and more, you must know that there is always an eye on you. Like? If you try to search for an item to buy on Amazon and then decide to browse Facebook, you can be sure that you might see an ad that advertises exactly what you were looking for, proving that everything you do on the Internet is always tracked. 

The solution for browse the web without being seen, there is and it is called incognito navigation. This mode allows you to open a browser window and browse without keeping the details of what you are doing, such as history, cookies and so on.

Unfortunately, this tool only prevents all the data relating to your wandering on the Internet from being saved locally, that is, on your computer. In this way, those who use your own PC will not log in and will not be able to see what you have actually visited but nothing will prevent tracking. If you are hoping to avoid unwanted advertisements, or want to browse sports news by browsing anonymously in the workplace, you need to know that the gimmick will not work. For this reason you will be forced to use more sophisticated gimmicks that will help you surf the web without being seen.

The answer to the question why your online tracking is so simple is IP address. It is your business card on the Internet and is indispensable for surfing. To give it is the service provider and it can be both static and dynamic (the IP changes from time to time). For this reason, true anonymous browsing is only possible by hiding your IP address or by encrypting your web traffic data. 

Among the best known tools that meet the needs indicated and that allow you to browse the web without leaving traces, must be considered Tor Browser. It is a browser program, like Chrome or Firefox, which however has a peculiarity: when you use it instead of reaching the site you are looking for you will go through numerous other servers around the world. At each of these passages the data is encrypted at different levels, in this way not only will the request arrive at its destination and will be indecipherable, but also belonging to a different IP than the original one.

Tor is free and guarantees a high level of anonymity, but is sadly slow due to the numerous links. Created by the United States Navy, the TOR system used by TOR Browser stands for The Onion Routers, literally “The onion routers”. The name derives from the layered encryption system, such as those of an onion, which prevents the identification of who sent the original request. 

The second tool to use for browse the web without being seen, it should be mentioned VPN, Virtual Private Network. Also in this case data encryption is used and the system is comparable to a gallery in which navigation will be anonymous.

VPNs are services that require the installation of software and the cost of a monthly subscription with a free period. Check out the best VPNs for Spain.

Both TOR and VPN are absolutely legal, but you have to be careful when using them to avoid breaking the rules.

How Tor Browser works

Surfing anonymously means leaving no trace of your passage and therefore being difficult to trace. Secondly, online anonymity will protect you from many activities such as the use of your position or your habits on the net, to offer you targeted advertising.

Navigate with Tor Browser, it will not guarantee your safety but it will protect you from dangers. This is a browser like Chrome and IE, designed to allow you to browse the web without being seen. Tor Browser is a free and English application that you can download from the following page.

Click on the big purple Download Tor button now and on the next page Download Tor Browser, if you are using Windows, otherwise press one of the two links Mac or Linux if your operating system is different. At the end of the download click on torbrowser-install-6.0.1_en-US to start the installation. Select Spanish in the language choice awards OK and then Install e end.

When starting Tor Browser does not connect to the Internet but asks you to connect to Tor Newtork, press Connect. On the Start Page, type a search term and press Submit. Search results are shown schematically and browsing will be safe and secure. The commands are all present in the top bar and the tools and options are all present in the onion-shaped menu.

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