Guardaserie new address 2022

Are you looking for the new updated and 100% functional address of the Guardaserie website? The old address doesn't work? In this guide, I'll show you where to find the famous original website on the web dedicated to TV series streaming Watch series.

Please note:: I remind you that SoulTricks it has no intention of promoting piracy or viewing copyrighted data and reiterates that this article is for illustrative purposes only.

Guardaserie the new updated address

Guardaserie new address 2022

Keeper offers a very simple and easy to navigate interface. For each movie on the homepage it is possible to view the relevant information and above all download them in 720p or 1080p.

Here are all the steps to access the new Watch series e domain see Free streaming TV series in Spanish:

The first step is to try connecting to the new URL address:

If it works, you won't need any other ruse, just save it as a URL, and once connected, all you have to do is try to browse.

Watch series does not work

If you tried to connect to the URL of the famous streaming site for TV series, which I indicated, and loading the Homepage you got the error "Unable to reach the site". Relax and make yourself comfortable because there are several solutions, quite simple, to make it work again and download TV series.

Below I'll explain how to do it.

How to access the Guardaserie online

The first solution that I can advise you is change the DNS on your PC or mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) or even on smart TVs. Helping you with the DNS parameters you should be able to access and view the new streaming site also here in Spain.

In case you can't connect the other solution is use a VPN for Spain. With an active VPN you can protect your privacy and surf anonymously without being afraid of your data and reaching any portal of interest. If you don't intend to spend a cent you can take a look at our guide on le best free VPN.

Now you can enjoy the online site and watch TV series on Guardaserie Grey's Anatomy or Prison Break. Obviously we will always keep the article updated and the link will always work.

Alternatives to Guardaserie

After the solutions I gave you, are you still unable to reach the website? Then it is the case to know other TV series streaming sites that will help you not to miss your favorite series.

The first tips I would like to give you are these always updated guides:

  • Best free movie and TV series streaming sites
  • Free streaming movies without registration
  • Free films in Spanish
  • Cineblog01 TV Series

If you want to download movies and TV series, I recommend: Corsaro nero torrent

How to block pages that open by themselves

If you have a browser Google Chrome and you want to watch the TV series in streaming for free in Italian, you can block the popups of the sites or advertisements that open by themselves, by acting in the settings. Click on the 3 dots, at the top right, and in the menu that appears presses on Settings. Then go up Advanced (scrolling down) and in the section Privacy and safetyclick your Settings site, section content.

In the Popups and redirects check that the check is enabled, you can also decide to disable it and decide to insert the specific link of a site, with Block e Add, to block pop-ups and redirects.

For Mozilla Firefox and other browsers, I recommend that you take a look at our guide on: How to block advertising on web pages.

In addition, you can also use an AdBlock as an extension for your browser. Among the best, I recommend: uBlock.

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